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Oct 10, 2008 07:42 AM

lobster - good value in Boston/Cambridge


I lived in the Boston area for a few years but was a vegetarian at the time. I'm visiting Boston/Cambridge this weekend. Any suggestions for a good value for restaurants serving lobster? I'm open to hole-in-the-wall with paper plates although I suppose I'd prefer a nice, sit-down place that just happens to be a bargain.


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  1. Just about the best value is the Mt. Vernon in Sommerville. It's a twin lobster dinner for $19.95.

    1. The Barking Crab, near South Station in Boston. With temps this weekend around 70, what could be better than eating lobster on the waterfront?

      1. Moulton's in Medford is the top choice for lobster value - steamed, pie or scampi are all great choices at great prices.

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          You can get them for only $3.99/lb steamed at Basket Market and eat at your place. Victira on Comm Ave. have twin lobsters for $16.95 cooked in numerous ways.