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Cheap Luxury Eats at Library Bar Downtown: pic of menu

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I swung by the Library Bar last night in the middle of taco truck crawl, and they are now serving food. The menu is small and focused around burgers, but the prices are cheap and there are a couple interesting things on the menu. Duck fat cooked frites, hickory burger, pork belly skewers and a pork belly sandwich, and bone marrow.

I am nosy about food so I chatted with a few people eating. All reports of the food were very happy. The bone marrow comes looking pretty with three on a plate, "where else can you get bone marrow at a bar? You can get it at Mozza...". The pork belly sandwich, while "naughty" was "delicious" and is assembled like a BLT on nice triangles of what appears to be wheat bread, and the burger was "very very good". The pork belly skewers were sauced with something sweet and honeylike, "covered in pancake syrup", she said, but he said "I loved them".

Alas, I was too full to eat and was awaiting another truck. Anyone else been in recently?

pic of menu here: http://foodshethought.blogspot.com/20...

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  1. haven't been in recently but now have plans.
    where else can you get bone marrow at a bar? so true, so true and where?
    thanks for the heads up