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Oct 10, 2008 06:52 AM

Western Nassau for Kosher in-laws

I'm looking for a restaurant where I can take my kosher in-laws for an anniversary dinner. I've tried all the Great Neck ones, and have not been impressed. Can anyone recommend a nice place for an anniversary dinner with good food that is also kosher?



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    1. I guess it is up to your tastes, but I like Colbeh, and there is a second one in Roslyn that may be a nicer setting for an anniversary dinner. It is just about across the street from Matteo's. I am assuming you are not talking about a deli.

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        You've got to try Tel Aviv in Great Neck. It's new (a couple of months) and totally amazing. I went with friends from Great Neck (nobody kosher in our group) and we were one and all blown away. Can you imagine an Israeli restaurant with Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches as a special? The place isn't fancy but foodwise, it's just spectacular. IMHO, a major eating destination that just happens to be kosher.

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          I just had lunch at Tel Aviv, and was completely blown away! It is going to become one of my regular haunts. Amazing!! Neither my friend nor I is kosher, so I am not saying it is a great kosher restaurant - it is a great restaurant. Period. At least, lunch was wonderful.

          They bring out a trio of dipping sauces - sweet (much like tamarind), and 2 different mildly hot ones, and wonderful home-made pita.

          I had the sabich Iraqi which is a pita sandwich stuffed with eggplant, Israeli salad, mango pickle, hard boiled egg, and others, served with tahini sauce on the side. Absolutely delicious, and I really couldn't finish it - it was huge. But the price sure wasn't - $5.75!!

          I will probably live there.