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Oct 10, 2008 04:58 AM

how much are pumpkins near you? where to buy.

Prices seem to be up - cheapest I've seen is 3/$12 for small to medium sized. Stew Leonards has the same sized ones 3/$18.

Any particularly good farms (scenic ride is a bonus) to get pumpkins? I feel like taking a ride away from the New Haven Area this weekend. (Nothing in fairfield county please)

thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. I highly recommend that you don't buy pumpkins from a large chains or retail stores. While Stew Leonards is local (I went to high school with Tom Leonard)...let them have the dairy and the meat. The carbon footprint from trucking pumpkins from all over to a local spot is huge.

    In addition...pumkins are one of the few cash cows for local farmers and support for them should be paramount...

    Pumpkins are up in price all over due to labor and fuel will stay high since demand for this product is almost totally decorative...and everyone wants one.

    I go to two in Coventry CT...on Rt 44 right at the top of the hill about 2 miles past the end of 384 ...before the turn for Caprilands...sorry I forget their name

    and then I always take a trip up to Bolton 495...lots of places up there that grow really big pumpkins...100lbs plus...

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      hmm maybe coventry for a ride - - anything else chow worthy that way?

      Thanks for the rec.