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Oct 10, 2008 04:41 AM

Aji Ten in Canton, MI

Have you dined at Aji Ten? How is it? Do you have any recommendations for menu items? Four of us are meeting for dinner next Saturday night. Are reservations necessary? If you can't recommend it, do you have another dining suggestion? Thanks for your insight.

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  1. I've lived in Canton since '76 but I'm not familiar with it. If you're not sure you want to take a chance, I can recommend LaBisteca in Plymouth. Big bucks but worth in. Fine dining.

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    1. re: SonyBob

      Ajiten is located at 42087 Ford Rd. in Canton. We're looking for top notch Japanese food this weekend.

      1. re: J in Toledo

        I don't know anything about Aji Ten, so can't help you there.

        I suggest you try Izakaya Sanpei Restaurant, which is a great Japanese restaurant. Located at 43327 Joy Rd
        Canton, MI 48187

        If you want excellent ramen with little ambience (and no booze), try Matsuchan Restaurant, located in the strip mall at the NE corner of Ford and Sheldon Rds. This is one of my favorite lunch spots. The food is excellent. The focus is on ramen, with a few other home cooked dishes. This place is NOT fancy.

        1. re: bellmont

          I've never been to Matsuchan. I know the posts on this board are all favorable. It is definately on my must-try list. We did stay with the plan to meet and eat at Aji Ten. It's easy access to 275 made it an ideal location for us out of towners to meet. We enjoyed cooking our food on the one-burner brought to our table. Like Matsuchan, tish is not a fancy place. Thank you for recommending Izakaya Sanpei. That will be our next rendez-vous.

          1. re: J in Toledo

            Another nice find in Canton: Irie Jamaican restaurant on Cherry Hill, just west of Canton Center Rd. Home-style Jamaican food. No liquor.

    2. yes i have been there..what i can tell you is this...the chef/owner is formally of cherry blossom in novi. his departure was a major loss for the blossom (imo) his creations were great!
      he works mostly in the kitchen (as opposed to the sushi bar) where he is/was responsible
      for some of the best food i have eaten. last time i was there they were working on getting a liquor license and i'm not sure if they have it yet or not. it's not a "fancy" interior but if your looking for food before atmosphere it's a good bet...thanks for the reminder!! i need to go again!!