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Oct 10, 2008 04:25 AM

Madrid restaurant marraige proposal

Hi all,
I am looking for a Madrid restaurant which is very romantic on the evening I will propose to my girlfriend. We live in the London, but she is from madrid and I am flyign over at christmas to suprise her.
We are very much into fine dinign etc. and enjoy excellent tasting menus at Michelin star restaurants.
I would be very grateful for some advice for a suitable place (I have looked into Zaranda and La Broche - which both look good)

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  1. Arola moved from "La Broche" to his own restaurant "Gastro"; I don't know if the cuisine is not same or not, but the meal I had at "Gastro" was very good and far from for the "experimental" cuisine I think he was doing at "La Broche"

    I think it would be a nice setting for a proposal.

    see pictures here :

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      Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately they are either closed or booked up on the date I need!

    2. If you're not hell bent on "modern" cuisine, you should check out Zalacain. It's very old school, and the food is lovely (at least as of a couple of years ago). Atmosphere is like the kind of place where your grandparents would have proposed.