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Oct 9, 2008 11:09 PM

Where can I find fresh quince in the bay area?

I am looking to acquire and cook with fresh (preferably organic and sustainably farmed) quince. I'd prefer if I could find it in SF, but am willing to drive in the bay area. Has anyone seen it, and if so, Where?

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  1. Apple Farm --Ferry Plaza. I am sure there must be other people who are also selling it.

    1. Well farmers' markets, but I have seen them this past week at Real Foods on Polk.

      I was in Polk Street Produce [at Pine] this week and they may have had them, but I was more interested in plums and apples [he had MacIntosh!]. The store carries both organic and non, and the proprietor likes to talk fruit and veggies.

      1. There were a few stands that had them at the Alemany Farmer's Market last week. Probably will still be there this week too.

        Last week at the Alemany Farmer's Market I also saw fresh rambutan and jackfruit! Both pretty expensive, grown in Palmdale....I didn't try any, but it's cool to see these fruits being grown in CA.

        1. I saw some at the Heart of the City Farmers Market this past Wednesday...not sure about organic and sustainably farmed though.

          1. Berkeley Bowl. Also try your nearest Chinatown.

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              B Bowl has had quince for some weeks now -- $0.69 per pound, sometimes $0.89, also organic for about twice that.
              A few weeks ago I bought Chinese quince (at BB), $1.69 per pound, not sure if they still have it. It was grown in Berkeley! When cooked it resembled regular quince -- had an interesting flavor.