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Oct 9, 2008 10:51 PM

yummiest cupcakes for 100 people

we're having a 40th birthday party for my cousin and she wants cupcakes. where in the Santa Monica area is the yummiest cupcakes...not dry, not too sweet....the ones you just love love love! thanks

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  1. If you're restricted to around the Santa Monica, Vanilla Bake Shop is probably your best bet. I am not a cupcake lover and even I found them decent.


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      just bought some today at Yummy's. next to Sur La Table. Liked those better than Vanilla Bakery. I would also try Caprice on Pico, across from Trader joes in SM. No cupcakes but AMAZING AMAZING PAstries: tarts, cookies, eclairs, french bakery.. Delisch!!!

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        1. Stacy McCorkle, Sugarfix, 323-203-5532

          1. Vanilla Bake Shop's raspberry filled, ganache topped miniatures are beautiful and delicious--the best I've a long shot.