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Looking for some gool ol' KC food

Hi all!
I'll be in Kansas City for 4 days next week and I want some suggestions for good ol' KC cooking. I definitely want to have one or two meals of BBQ, another meal of steak and one night going to a nice restaurant. Are there any good places for happy hours? Besides wanting to try BBQ, I am really open to all kinds of food as long as it's good!!! I'm sure you foodies out there know what i mean. I will be staying near the convention center but I have a car, so I'm willing to drive around for good food. Thanks in advance fellow Chowhounds!

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  1. BBQ: LC's and Oklahoma Joe's

    Happy Hour: bluestem Tues through Thurs half price bar menu, also a good choice for nice restaurant

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      Michael Smith at 1900 Main has a very good happy hour Tuesday - Friday. With $20 bottles of wine!

    2. Am I the only one who thinks Danny Edwards is the best BBQ joint in KC??? I think it is delish, it's become my favorite BBQ spot. I've taken several people there in the past few months all to rave reviews.

      While you're here try Christopher Elbow chocolate. Fleur de sel is the best, although the turtles are a close second. Husband loves the peanut butter patties. Warning: this will ruin all other chocolate for you. www.elbowchocolates.com

      I second the rec for Bluestem.

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        For steak, I would go to Plaza III.

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          Everytime I read "delish" I get a vietnam flashback of Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals. It makes me cringe.

        2. I'm definitely going to Bluestem - I've heard great things about their happy hour and food. I will also try Oklahoma Joe's and another BBQ place. Not sure if it'll be LC's, Arthur Bryant's, or... where is Danny Edwards? Has anyone tried Le Fou Frog or Trezo Mare? I appreciate all your comments! thanks so much!!!

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            Danny Edwards is at 2900 Southwest Blvd in KCMO.

            Le Fou Frog is a fun, quirky space and the food is really good.

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              We've only been to Trezo Mare once, and it was a while ago. (Briarcliff is off our beaten path.) We had a good experience, sublime, pillowy gnocchi and prawns as sweet as those I've eaten on the west coast. I'm sorry to say I don't remember more than those two dishes. We've eaten twice at Trezo Vino, which is closer for us. Vino is different, with a more casual menu, but the style of the food is similar. I basically think this family of restaurants does what they do well, from what I can tell. One thing I like is that their kitchen isn't afraid of spice, heat and strong flavors--they offer a miso dipping sauce for fries alongside the tempura chicken sandwich, and the sandwich sports plenty of jalapeno in the napa cabbage slaw. It's a fantastic combo of flavors and the chicken is always perfectly crunchy outside, moist inside, everything you want in what amounts to a fried chicken sandwich, albeit one no one else makes in the KC area. So, yeah, java, from what little I've eaten there, I'd say give them a go.

            2. Dont miss Le Fou Frog. Great Brandade,Skate, Frites etc. Yum Yum!

              1. Beside Oklahoma Joe's for BBQ, a nice place is Lidia's neat atmosphere, great service and even better food. Also Stroud's is a can't miss known for fried chicken but the pork chops and fried shrimp are great too! Have fun.

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                  Strouds dominates for great comfort food home cooked meals. Great pork chops, best I've ever had, best chicken fried steaks and they are most famous for fried chicken. also, don't forget the cinnamon rolls. this is the best meal in KC.

                2. As for BBQ, I still prefer KC Masterpiece in Overland Park (KS). The "trendy" place to go seems to be Jack Stack BBQ, but honestly, I still think Masterpiece is KC's BEST!
                  For Steaks, you can't go wrong at Plaza III.

                  1. Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions! It seems like there's gonna be a whole lotta meat for me in the next few days. So right now, I will be having happy hour at Bluestem, dinner at Le Fou Frog one night, Oklahoma Joe's for lunch, Lidia's/Arthur Bryant's for lunch, Jack Stack for dinner (it's a free meal so gotta go) and Stroud's for a meal - is Stroud's more of a lunch or dinner place? And in between i'll fit some christopher elbow chocolates in there :)

                    I will love to try KC Masterpiece but it might be a tad far for me this time around. Maybe next time... Thank you for all your wonderful suggestions!

                    One last thing, are there are good brunch places around?

                    thanks mch!

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                      Really, give Trezo Mare a try. They have a great Happy Hour on Thursdays, the bar is cozy if you don't want a full meal. Always had very good service.
                      Since you are staying at the convention center, head to the Power and Light District and try

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                        Don't worry, you won't miss much by not going to KC Masterpiece. I wouldn't waste a meal there, and I live here!

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                          Brunch - Classic Cup on the Plaza or Lidias in the freight house/district.

                        2. If you haven't tried them at Jack Stack, the prime beef rib (on the menu as an app I think) is great. Lucky you, "having to eat a free meal" at Jack Stacks. I like that place and now that I live away, I laways make sure to go when I visit.