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Oct 9, 2008 09:42 PM

12 year old's b-day dinner

santa monica and vicinty; 10/10 Fri. dinner, We're thinking something like houstons, but honestly, don't want the corporate vibe. Also, price is a bit of an issue since there are several girls that she's inviting. Don't want a CPK kind of place either. Probably Italian or American cuisine best choices. Thanks in advance for suggestions. A fun place, good prices since there's a bday party too!


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    1. not italien nor american but for 12 yr olds, i've had success w/ benihana.

      1. Bucca Di Beppo is always fun for tweens.... They have tables that are semi private and tables with themes.... very funny.... The food is fun for them... family style and the pizza is actually good.... Benihana is also great....

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        1. re: bellabar

          My daughter had a ton of fun at the Bucca parties she has gone to. Benihana's is always a fun evening.

          1. if japanese might be okay, i'd consider Musha; it's fun.

            if you wanted to head to the marina, C & O Trattoria is fun for kids that age, and reasonably priced.

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            1. re: Emme

              i concur w/ c&o, great idea.

              the food at musha, though, imho, is too 'strange' to reliably appeal to most 12 yr olds. even if the op's child 'gets it,' the others won't necessarily. lots of 12 yr olds would have a very hard time with most of the things on the musha menu.

              1. re: westsidegal

                C&O is a bit too wine pounding oriented... not good for kids... So many people get way too loaded there and the communal seating isn't good for kids either....
                With Bucco de beppo you have your own area and can control your party more..

                1. re: bellabar

                  i've NEVER had a communal table at C&O.
                  also, i've often gone there with a bunch of kids and have never encountered any 'wine-pounding' intrusions into the meal.

            2. Try 26 Beach in Venice, burger, salads Italian and some adult fun, rack of lamb, teriyaki salmon. Be sure to reserve the garden area.