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Oct 9, 2008 09:22 PM

Dinner in Great Neck

I am looking for a recommedation for a birthday dinner in Great Neck

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  1. There is a thread on this board called "Great Neck." I posted the following on that thread: We enjoyed Chatanooga very much. Upon arrival, we were presented with a dish of pickles, olives, and marinated vegetables. After ordering, another (complimentary) appetizer was brought to the table. By the time the two of us had eaten these, and then the appetizers we actually ordered, we were already pretty full. We each only ate about half of our entree, and had the rest wrapped to take home. I had not intended to order a dessert, but since we were there for a birthday celebration, my husband suggested that we should have a little something. We ordered the small baklava plate, which turned out to consist of six pieces of baklava. Again, we had a taste, and brought the rest home. This was accompanied by another complimentary treat--some tea. The food was plentiful, the service was quite attentive, and the evening was very pleasant. I recommend the restaurant highly.

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      We wound up going to Chatanooga last Sunday for my daughter's birthday. The group of 8 all enjoyed it very much. We also got the olives and marinated vegetables. the entres ordered included persian stew and various skewers. The birthday celebration was hysterical. My husband asked for a candle in a piece of cake. We got that, and as it was brought to the table, they had what sounded like a "45" playing "happy birthday to you" for several minutes. Everyone in the restaurant enjoyed the show as well. A good time was had by all.

    2. I forgot to mention that another place we really like in Great Neck is Bistro Grill. I will admit that once of four times there we had a less than wonderful experience (related to waiter service, not food), but generally speaking, we enjoy the place, as did the non-Kosher keeping Jews we were celebrating a 50th anniversary with, who are used to treif restaurant food, prices, and service.