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Oct 9, 2008 09:17 PM

Shake Shack - UWS (latest update)

Here's a hot off the presses update on Shake Shack UWS:

They are a week or two from completing construction and then they need to wait for Con Ed and inspectors. We know from waiting on Grandaisy that this can take FOREVER.

Anyway, 30 seats inside, 30 seats in enclosed sidewalk area and 30 seats downstairs. Menu exactly the same except for some new concretes. There will be a separate line for all cold items and they believe the lines will be shorter b/c the kitchen is 1.5 times the size of the original location. Actually, that sounds a bit small to me. I really wonder how crazy it will be up here and how long it will last.

Oh, and they'll be a root beer tap (!), a tap devoted to seasonal, local beer and another for Shackmeister (their own beer).

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  1. If the kitchen in 50% larger/ more efficient, does that makes the line 50% shorter?! thats still a helluva long line! Their PR people a clearly trying to deal with this line issue with so many of their neighbors freaking out about it....BTW, I can't wait!!

    1. Grumble...grumble. Was craving a burger yesterday. Line at Burger Joint was outrageous, so I tried Prime Burger instead. It was fine, but I really wanted Shake the idea of a rootbeer tap!

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      1. re: a_and_w

        with a name like a and w, i kinda' thought you might like that root beer tap.

        cpalms, i'd be very concerned about the crowds if I lived on that block.
        after posting this, i dug a bit deeper online to learn that danny meyer actually lives a couple of blocks from this location, has lots of friends in the nabe and the landlord of this building is his former landlord. so, this is an ideal location for him and i'm guessing he'll want to do everything possible to keep his neighborhood quiet and happy.

        although the lines at shake shack are crazy, i do appreciate the extra touches of consideration he puts into place to run that business. so, i'm hopeful about this.

        1. re: nativeNYer

          Mmmm, root beer tap. That and the new Ssam Bar root beer list (5-6 selections) give me hope. Sprecher for everyone! The new concretes sound great too.

          I imagine for the UWS that lines will be worst during tourist seasons due to proximity of AMNH and Central Park. It will probably nice during weekday lunches during spring/winter/fall. The line is mighty long on weekdays in the Madison Square Park location due to all the people working nearby.

          I'm assuming they'll have TWO shack cams now? But will they still keep using those frozen crinkle cut fries? I know they're crinkle cut 'cause that's what Danny Meyer grew up with in St. Louis but they were always frozen because they didn't have space in the current location....Hmmmm.

          1. re: kathryn

            the website made a point to say the food menu will be EXACTLY the same but you raise a good point re the potential for better fries given their larger size. i didn't even think of the shack cams. i wonder if they'll be allowed to install them in that location. there's probably some law against that on a busy NYC street. he really chose a great location. so when is tourist season? seems like it is everyday. i don't typically mind them (i travel a lot myself) as they remind me how lucky i am to live where i do ... but they better not block the entire sidewalk when i am en route to my burger. : )

            1. re: nativeNYer

              Yeah, it's pretty much tourist season all year round over there. Maybe a bit busier when it's warmer because of the class trips or camps going to the museum. There's also the Sunday farmer's and flea market directly across the street. I'm not sure it'll be so quiet for lunch during the week. Orignal Ray's (by 82nd) often has lines out the door at this time. A lot of construction workers eat lunch and hang out at the benches across the street. A lot of potential customers! I live like a 2 minute walk away so not eating there often will require much discipline :)

      2. Just walked by last night -- all of the internal and external signage is up and the outside sign is lit. It's like it is taunting us.