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Oct 9, 2008 08:30 PM

earth,bread, brewery open in mt. airy

went to Earth, Bread, Brewery about an hour after in was open. Service and food were both good. Flatbread, while not up to American Flatbread standard, was delicious and well seasoned. It did have a few to many very burned spots and toppings we had requested had been forgotten. I would have to say this is probably the best pizza-type food that I have had in the Philadelphia area and will be back many time. The decor is lovely and quite spacious with tables and a bar on each of the two floors. I sampled the house made brews and while I wasn't impressed by the styles represented, They were definitely well made and clean brews. Nice selection of other area and larger regional beers to choose. The wine list only list one wine from North America. Found this suprising given their "green" attitude. Maybe its more eco-friendly to ship bottles by frieghter than by rail or truck from the west coast. Still it's nice to support the national economy, especially these days. Overall a very good experience. Go and enjoy.

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  1. I visited EB+B for the soft opening on Wednesday night and enjoyed it as well. Of the 4 house brewed beers I enjoyed his Farmhouse Ale the most. The spiciness was there from the beginining but as the beer warmed you could really begin to pick up the dried fruit character as well. I was impressed. My second favorite was the Mild which at 3.2% abv packs flavor. Very well balanced and clean. As for the Smoked Wheat and Pale I found the former not to be to my liking (I don't dig smoked beers yet) and the later was a solid Pale Ale using local (like 4 blocks away) hops. I didn't eat but I was encouraged when I asked the owner why he refers to his pizzas as flatbreads. He told me because he wanted to emphasize the crust and that too many places are all about the toppings. He went on to tell me that a certain baker of his liking supplies his dough. I man after my own heart.


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      Although I have not been there yet, it seems th owners have put a tremendous amount of time and effort creating this place. I hope their efforts will be successfull. In this current climate of the economy it would be helpful to places such as this ,willing to, so to speak ,to put their necks out , for us in the foodie world, to support them.