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Oct 9, 2008 07:40 PM

falafel in hartford area?

i'm a recent transplant to bloomfield and work in bristol. came from nyc where falafel can be found on almost every corner at a price...i'm going through withdrawal...any recommendations for great, cheap falafel and lentil soup?

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  1. Tangiers International on the corner of Farmington and Prospect streets (West Hartford side of Prospect). Best falafel in th area.

    1. I second the Tangiers recommendation but I will tell you that theirs is in a wrap (which I prefer). Another place you can get it is Tapas in Elmwood (west hartford) or they have a location in Bloomfield too. I think their downtown Hartford location is currently closed. Tapas does theirs in a pita.
      neither are as good as Mamouns in the city...but if you're heading to New Haven, there's a Mamouns there too!

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        I also second Tangiers and Tapas in Elmwood. Both are fabulous!

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          thanks all for your recommendations...i visited Tapas in bloomfield this evening and was definitely pleased with my falafel...a great meal when you're not in the mood for meat. also, while i did takeout, i found that it's a very cute place...with a bar. it was packed this friday night, so evidently also very popular. the soup selection seemed a little out of left field for a mediterranean spot--clam chowder?!

          i will admit i'm used to paying $3-$4 for falafel, so the $6.99 was a little surprising, but i didn't expect such a nice place, and i'm coming to terms with the fact that i need to just "get over" not being in NYC anymore!

          another plus to tapas in bloomfield...there's a terrific wine store next door!

          1. re: imadime

            The clam chowder has been on their menu for years and it's really good! If you're moved to try'll dig it. My household is also big fans of the stuffed clams, the tapas, the blackboard specials and the veggie chili.

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              The gyros and Greek salad are also very good.

              I live in Israel so I am also used to paying the equivelant of $3.00 for a falafel and can find falafel stands all over the place.

        2. new haven is only 40 minutes down the road and we have lots of falafel, come and visit!

          Also, have you ever tried making your own falafel? The mixes are very easy and surprisingly tasty. You don't even need to look to hard to find it, the mix and tahini are available at Stop & Shop these days.

          1. I just went to a new place called Quick Falafel in Waterbury. I thought the food was excellent. It's not far from you and I think they're considering opening another one up your way soon. You should check it out.


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              I tried falafel from Quick Falafel the other day, and it was quite poor. Tasted like they hadn't changed the oil in weeks.

            2. I just tried Tangier's Falafel's today for the first time...I love love love them!!! Their homemade desserts are great and the Chicken Kebabs are truely fabulous!! I give them serious thumbs up!!