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Oct 9, 2008 07:18 PM

Short ribs like Alan Wong's (Honolulu)?

I've been trying to recreate them. Most short rib recipes have S&P, red wine, beef broth, celery, onion/shallots, carrots, bay leaf, and tomatoes in some form (paste, canned etc., but I would use fresh). But what would you, dear hounds, suggest be added to get that Pacific rim - fusion flavor? Orange juice/zest, star anise, five-spice powder, balsamic vinegar, the always useful fish sauce? All of the above? Your suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

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  1. How about ginger, honey and soy? I always smoke ribs but once I ground up some star anise into my rub. It was great, but only if you like the taste of black licorice. I obviously used too much because I'm kinda new at experimenting with Asian flavors, but hey I loved them.

    1. Google is your friend.

      It's basically a Korean shortrib recipe -- kalbi jim. Not sure if this is exactly what you had at his restaurant.