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Oct 9, 2008 06:04 PM

lunch in or near La Crosse WI

My family of 5 (3 teenagers) will be traveling from St. Paul to Viroqua WI next week. Our timetable puts us in LaCrosse for lunch on our way down, and likely again on our return. Would like healthy soup and sandwich type options. Home cookin' family restaurant/diner, hamburger/malt, or any other suggestion might work. Avoid fancy or expensive given the kids. Sit down/table service preferred. We wouldn't have to eat in LaCrosse if there are options you particularly like in the surrounding area. Any suggestions appreciated. I really don't want to resort to Subway! :) Thanks.

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  1. I would highly recommend Piggy's for lunch (corner of Front & King). Their dinners are quite formal (upstairs), but their lunch buffet is awesome. Great soups, sandwiches and salads. Kids are often seen there when school is not in session. Also, the kids might enjoy Rudy's drive-in (on La Crosse Street). Roller skating waitresses are always fun, and their menu is totally kid friendly. If it's a nice day, the Waterfront (Front St just north of Piggy's) has great outdoor seating...right on the Mississippi. Enjoy! La Crosse is gorgeous this time of year.....actually, your entire drive down should be awesome!

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      thanks 4maxwelz. great tips. will make note.

    2. Buzzard Billys Flying Carp cafe is a lways a favorite of mine. Been around awhile but still serves some pretty good food.

      1. For sit down/table service, reasonable prices and a variety of meal choices to satisfy teenagers I would recommend Fayze's at 4th Street and Pearl Street in downtown La Crosse.

        Buzzard Billy's Flying Carp is right down the street on Pearl but is more a bar/pub type place. If you like Cajun though, it would be one of the best places in the MN/WI that I have found so far.

        Since my son and family is now living in La Crosse I am working my way through most of the eateries. If you like wood fired pizza you can get it at Ebeneezer's in the Holiday Inn downtown or Edwardo's.