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Oct 9, 2008 05:56 PM

Smoke and Spice -- Windsor, ON

Has anyone been to S&S "Authentic Southern BBQ" in WIndsor?
It's located inside the former Bin 151 down on Ottawa Street (across from Freeds).

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  1. I went last week. Very good ribs, delicious sauces and great atmosphere. Highly recommended.

    1. looks and sounds nice, too bad windsor is so far

      1. Best chicken wings I've ever had in my life! Everything we had was so good. Steamwhistle on tap too! Definitely recommend it!

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        1. re: vixvox

          Went and checked out Smoke and Spice last week.

          From the moment we walked in the door, we knew we were in for a treat!
          Oh, the fabulous aromas wafting through the air of the former Bin 151!!!

          We arrived after 8pm, so there was no problem getting parking in front of the restaurant.

          We both opted for a Half Rack Combo, I went with the Half Rack of St. Louis Cut Pork Ribs, and a mound of Pulled Pork. You also get a choice of 2 sides -- all of which are made fresh daily. I chose Waffle Fries and Coleslaw (creamy).

          The combo ($18.95) was HUGE, the flavours amazing.

          There's a choice of 3 sauces on the table -- original BBQ, Carolina mustard sauce -- which was interesting -- and a Chipotle BBQ.

          My guest ordered the Half Rack Combo with Ribs and 1/4 Chicken.
          I was pleasantly surprised that it came with WHITE meat -- that would never happen at Swiss Chalet without paying extra. LOL

          For sides, she ordered Baked Beans (with pieces of Pulled Pork) and Potato Salad.

          Service was good throughout (we went on a Tuesday).

          Bathrooms were ice-cold and dark, but clean.
          They had perhaps the most powerful hand dryerI have ever used!

          2 Half Rack Combo and 1 Pop: $45.00 (plus tip).

          I hope this place does well.
          I'll be back!

          A couple suggestions: I would have loved some Cornbread (is that authentic?) and truthfully, some WetNaps would be essential in a place like this!

          1. re: danthediner

            We went today based on your post. Everything was great, portions were huge, service was very slow. They do have cornbread now, but no butter or honey. Its a true southern style cornbread, not sweet at all. I had 1/4 chicken all white. I got the fries and mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was really good. My spouse got the pulled pork sandwich, my MIL the bologne. I'll add pics when we get back home.

            1. re: Calipoutine

              Went back to Smoke and Spice again this week.

              Went with the "Half Rack Combos" again, but tried some new things, like the Beef Brisket to go with the delicious ribs.

              Also ordered the cornbread ($1) and tried the Mac and Cheese as a side-dish.
              Calipoutine is correct -- the Mac and Cheese is really good!! It's the best of the side dishes, I think! There's grated cheese on top, and they throw it in a broiler to melt.

              How good was it?
              I ordered an extra "Half Rack Combo" to go for someone, and I love how they package everything separately, and not throw it all together in one container.
              They even included a generous amount of all 3 sauces (original, carolinas mustard and chipotle).

              Highly recommended!!

              1. re: danthediner

                I forgot to add pics, so here ya go.
                Did you like the cornbread? I'm from the states, so I consider myself a cornbread expert. I prefer my cornbread a bit sweeter.