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Oct 9, 2008 05:50 PM

Need advice re: double wall ovens

I murdered my self cleaning double wall oven and need to replace it (quickly!). As we had a Kitchen Aid which was a lemon I am reluctant to purchase another one. I keep hearing that the Thermadore is very good but that 24% of them need servicing within the first year (I've had enough with service/repair). I've been told that the best options are the Electolux or the Wolf. The Wolf is a bit too expensive for my pocket ($6000+). Does anyone have an Electolux or is anyone able to advise me?

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    1. I'm leaning heavily towards elolux for mine. Remodeling a kitchen, getting all new everything. Check this forum out. Loads of info. I like the looks of the elolux too - the price is sealing the deal. Don't forget to check for rebates. There are quite a few of them floating around.