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Oct 9, 2008 05:08 PM

Caffe Amore, Wakefield,MA

We went to Caffe Amore on 24 Vernon St., Wakefield, MA. tonight and when we entered the woman at the counter told us to sit at a table that was next to (& in front of) the door. There was no way a human being over 80lbs. could sit and not be disturbed while dining. It was jutting out into the doorway!! I asked her if we could sit at one of the other EMPTY tables and without looking at me, said," they're reserved for later". It was 5pm and I'm sure that any good businessperson would be thrilled to have two dinners at that hour! Obviously, not her. She was rude and completely indifferent. We felt forced not to dine there. We'll never return and they lost a potentially great customer. I read that they were closing and now I understand the reason.

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  1. That's too bad that you "felt forced not to dine there" because you missed out on a great dinner. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm glad you aren't going to eat there because it leaves a table open for me and my husband. We've been going to Cafe Amore for years now and have always enjoyed our experiences there. Terry, the owner, is a hard worker and always makes our dinner at Cafe Amore enjoyable. It is what it is - a small restaurant - and you should understand that means if she's got reservations, her open tables are limited. From your description, it sounds like my husband and I ate at the the same table recently that you declined and had no problems. It's not like there's a lot of traffic in and out to bother you. The last time we where there another couple gladly accepted the smallest 2-top there by the door and seemed to make the best of it - as I would have as well. Perhaps it's not what you expected but believe me, it's a good restaurant offering good food at a good price. It's one of our favorite places and I often recommend it to our friends. Also, I have no knowledge of them closing in the near future - I wonder where you heard this from. My recommendation is to try Cafe Amore and see for yourself how good it really is.

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      I think the OP was upset with the womans attitude. If, in fact, other tables were reserved for later, there are better ways to communicate this- not even looking at the diners, and indifferent and rude behavior would certainly turn me off!
      To stay on topic- my office recently moved to Wakefield, and I drive by Amore every day- is it open for lunch? Always seems closed when I drive by, but maybe it is just my timing- also- is there parking in the back? TIA

    2. I live in Florida and when I'm visiting friends in Boston I love to dine at Caffe Amore on Vernon St. in Wakefield. It's just like eating in the North End Italian section of Boston without the parking problem. The food is wonderful. My Italian Mom will not eat in restaurants but will eat at Caffe Amore and with good reason. Great food!!! Polite service and the owner can't do enough for you. She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Caffe Amore is a great find for anyone who knows good italian food.

      Caffe Amore
      24 Vernon St, Wakefield, MA 01880