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Oct 9, 2008 04:51 PM

Fish tacos in Park Slope?

NY Times Dining section had a nice write-up last week about where to get fish tacos.

Brooklyn was not on the menu.

Where near Park Slope (5th thru 7th Ave, preferably anywhere North of 2nd St.) can I get serviceable fish tacos?

Not looking for anything mind-blowing or scrupulously authentic, just cheap and tasty.

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  1. Y Homo -- That's quite a wide geographic area you willing to go in search of fish tacos. Maybe one of the authentic Mex restaurants in your world of Chowhoundage will hear your plea and add some fish sticks and Food Co-op tortillas to its menu. Fish tacos, versus tacos with fish in them, are a Baja California phenomenon, and since there are very few Baja Californians in NYC I wouldn't expect any of the places the TImes talks about to do them particularly well, nor cheaply.

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    1. re: guide boy

      I did not see the NY Times thing, so I may be missing something... But, Guideboy, how do you know that Yago Homo was not asking for "tacos with fish in them"?? Your reply is, shall we say, less than helpful...

      Anyway, for whatever it's worth, Yago Homo, you might want to try Miracle Grill on 7th Ave. near 3rd Street. I'm NOT saying it's great restaurant overall, but their fish tacos might be the thing you're looking for.

      1. re: guide boy

        Just because someone is not from Baja, has nothing to do with their ability to make good fish tacos. I make great thai food that is very authentic (I have thai friend if you were wondering), and I am not Thai and have never been there. I think your logic is skewed and your reply was fairly snarky as well.

      2. Rachel's la Taqueria (on 5th ave. at 7th st.) has a pretty decent fish taco. Their Del Mar burrito (shrimp) is fantastic--I was missing out for too long before I tried it.

        But the best fish taco I've ever had in Brooklyn was in Red Hook at Hope and Anchor--tasty!

        1. I'll probably get pooped on by hounders for saying this and it's not really in park slope, but I always liked the fish tacos (sauteed not fried) at pequena, on the ft Greene/park slope border.

          1. Nobody's saying Barrio, so I'll say it. 7th Ave. & 3rd St. Best I've had in the area.

            1. Thanks for all the replies (except guide boy's warmed over snarkiness).

              I tried the fish tacos at Miracle Grill... they were really bad (not disgusting-bad, but rather I-cannot-detect-any-fish-amid-all-the-lettuce-and-inexplicably-creamy-sauce bad).

              Have heard good things about Pequena and Barrio and will try them next.

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              1. re: Yaqo Homo

                If you are considering looking outside Park Slope, there is a pretty good place in Prospect Heights on Washington called 'Taqueria del los Muertos'.

                Aside from having an awesome name, they have very good burritos and tacos, including the fish tacos. Their menu and style is pretty similar to La Taqueria in Park Slope, but I think the food is better.

                1. re: millerd

                  I should check that place out. Thanks for the tip!

                  1. re: millerd

                    Just got back from a delightful lunch at Taqueria de los Muertos.

                    This was *exactly* what I was looking for, and not too far from home. Thanks again.

                    1. re: Yaqo Homo

                      Another place I would recommend checking out is Chavellas in Crown Heights, on Grand near Prospect Pl.

                      Its a small, inexpernsive, but nice Mexican place with really good food. The menu tends towards Mexican rather than American-Mexican. No burritos, but good tortas, tacos, quesadillas and more. They have fish tacos, but I haven't tried those.