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Oct 9, 2008 04:37 PM

Going shopping in Florissant

Greetings all... As I grow older and my taste matures I cannot help but notice that a lot of the "quality" foods that I buy up at my shop'n'save are REALLY crummy and I am in search for a place or local grocer that sells the best--Thus leads me to my question-- Can anyone recommend me some good local bakeries(for cakes and bread), butcher shops, cheese shops, and a place that sells Good quality local lunchmeat coldcuts (both italian and regular i.e. turkey, chicken, ham). I am afriad I live in Florissant, Missouri and Brentwood/Clayton is just too far out for me to drive every two weeks--Or is this really the only place where I can find the best high quality food? I am becoming really frustrated with the quality of foods in these national grocery stores period....

Please help...

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  1. The only place I can come up with in Florissant is Helfer's pastries.
    I have not had anything from there in awhile though.

    If you can drive to Chambers and Bellefontaine, you can go to Bill's market. They carry Miller ham, have real butchers and will cut whatever you want. They carry Vitale bread and I have bought pretty good produce there. I try to get over there every once in ahile because they can get a bone in sirloin.

    If you can make it to Ferguson there is Spencer's Bakery on Church and the farmer's market on Saturday seasonally.

    FWIW that's the best of my knowledge!

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      HEY! Thanks a bunch, man... This really helps out!!!

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        Also, Maryland Heights isn't too far. I work there and I know they have good Schnucks and Dierberg's. There's also a Trader Joe's on Olive.

    2. You don't have to go to Clayton to get good quality groceries, but you do have to leave Florissant. The chain groceries in Florissant do not have the same selection that they do in other suburbs. There is a large Schnucks on Lindbergh&St. Charles Rock Road that's only about 10 miles south of Florissant.

      There is a small market on Elizabeth Rd., close to I-270, that has nice meat.

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        That would be Paul's Market. Really great baked beans.

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          Hmmmm. Sounds really good... but do you think that the chain groceries can qualify as "good quality"... I have been lead to believe that only the small markets, like for example the best cheese- Wine and Cheese Merchant Store, has only the top tier of quality foods... I am tired of bland lunchmeat (like Budding), plastic cheese(like Kraft), and weak bread(lol Wonder Bread)... Any brands you recommend ??