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Oct 9, 2008 04:17 PM

Where to go in Knoxville, TN for drinks and fun...

I used to live in Knoxville for four it so much, love the people. We had a place that we always went to on Kingston Pike that closed about 2:00 AM. I am having some friends from Japan come and visit again and they want to go to Knoxville again---where could I take them for drinks and fun? They love to go somewhere where everyone will talk to them....besides me....LOL.... Also--they will be here the second week of December...thanks so much, Karen

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  1. Taken them downtown to the places on Gay Street and to Market Square. Downtown will be decorated for the Holidays. All the trees on top of the buildings will be lit. I think the ice skating rink will be set up on Market Square by then. You can get anything from sushi to barbecue downtown and there will be lots of people. It is hard to believe but downtown Knoxville is definitely a lively place now.

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      It is hard to believe--but downtown it is! Do you know if Michael's is still in existance---for the characters, of course!!?? Thanks so much....

      1. re: TWEETYKaren

        michael's has a new name. There were lots of problems with intoxicated people leaving there and causing problems so they lost their beer or liquor license.

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          Hi LGD,
          It does not surprise many intoxicated people there, I agree. I do want to take my friends somewhere to dance. Do you know the new name of the former Michael's? And is that the place to go? Thanks so much,

    2. Gay Street/Market Square is a great idea. There are some classy bars there nowadays and the restoration work they've been doing has made it look so much nicer.

      There's also Sassy Ann's House of Blues, and Barley's, which still has a good menu, lots of microbrews, some of the best local bands, and tournament-sized pool tables.

      FYI's in case they're relevant:
      Knoxville went non-smoking about a year ago, except in places that require you to be 21 and over. A few restaurants and sports bars actually went to 21 and over so that it's still allowed, but they're definitely the minority.
      Also, I-40 is closed between James White Parkway and Hall of Fame Drive until next summer.