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The Falls tinton falls

Former Grist Mill is now the Falls? Anyone have any info, menu? Opening date?

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  1. Thank God someone took over that place! I felt like I was walking up to a board meeting going upstairs! That place needs serious work. (And a new menu...That Bennigan's type menu went out in 1980)

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      I hope someone finally opens a place worthy of the view, instead of capitalizing on it to draw a crowd and then serving mediocre (if you're lucky) food. There are several restaurants on that corner within walking distance of where I live. I'm still waiting for one actually worth the walk.

      Just last weekend I clamored over their back wall onto the back terrace to get these pics...

      1. re: equal_Mark

        Sadly, in the NY/NJ Metro area, restaurants with a view serving outstanding food are scarcer than the proverbial hens' teeth.

        1. re: RGR

          Sorry, I have to disagree. Actually, I'm not all that sorry. This is something I learned 60 years ago about eating out from my father. And over the years I've discovered how right he was. The surest way to have a positive dining experience is to enter a place with a positive attitude. To be governed by negative cliche's and stereoyypes and bumper-sticker proverbs limits one's potential for an enjoyable experience. A positive attitude has served me well over the years - even when the experience was less than hoped. I've enjoyed a good laugh describing how crappy the food or service was in the less-than-recommendable joints I've encountered.

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            Franco - I must respectfully disagree with you. The most positive of attitudes will not compensate for poor food and/or service. Furthermore, especially in these tough economic times, I don't see any humor in "crappy food or service".

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              but we digress... any info on The Falls? I heard a rumor that the same people who own the Boathouse in Belmar and another in Rumson (McDougal's? or something like that?) have a hand in it... anyone

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                Have not heard anything about the Harmon's (from the Boathouse being involved with this. I know they have spent the last seven months on the former Briody's in Rumson which has recently opened as Murray MacGregors. Haven't been there yet but have spoken to people who have. As of last week, bar was opened but kitchen was not yet up and running.

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                  I went in the Falls last week. It looks like they are doing a lot of work inside and out. They cleaned up the interior and cut down a lot of the over grown stuff outside. You can actually see the "Falls"
                  The 2 guys that are running this are the chefs from The Raven and Peach. Artie & Justin, I have met them in the past at The Raven and are really nice guys and have a lot a fun ideas for thsi place.
                  I think they said end of November toopen.

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                    does this mean the pseudo-chain of The Grist Mill--The Pour House--The Sitting Duck--The Ivy League (is that it?) is breaking up?

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                      The original owner of all 4 (Main Street being the 4th) sold 2 of them off over the past couple of years. He still currently owns the Duck and The Pour House. The last owners of The Grist Mill had it for about 2 years before they decided to sell. Looking like the week of Nov. 19th opening.

                      1. re: fallsguy

                        sounds good... the grist mill was a big waste of a great property and I think it was out of synch with the others.. Pour /Duck are better (for what they are)... I guess Main Street in Ocean was also part of this group sometime in the past, they also know what they are and make a decent burger.. thanks for the info, though if The Falls comes in with prices like I've seen at Raven and Peach, I may be the Poor House instead! HAHA!

                        1. re: aklein

                          Does anyone know when they have made the opening date for?

    2. As per The old Grist Mill... I actually worked there for two years under the former Gary regime, and 3 months under the new. I miss the place a lot, and cant wait to go back and check it out. Im not really within walking distance, but would drive to chill. Were actually planning a Grist Mill reunion, hopefully listening to live music and sippin cocktails on the porch by those little Falls.

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        For what it's worth, I drove by the Falls tonight (on the way home from a great shrimp tempura taco at The Shack) and the place was open and the front lot was about half full. Will drop in over the weekend and see if I can get a look and snag a menu...

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          sorry to go OT, but what's The Shack?

          1. re: aklein

            The Shack is a Cal/Mex place in Sea Bright that has been open for almost 4 years now. They go beyond the places like Surf Taco and Fins in that they are an actual sit-down restaurant. I was truly impressed a couple years ago when
            I noticed one of the surfboards that usually adorned the walls was missing, and was told "The surf is up, and Ed was out surfing."


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              thanks.... i think i've seen it, but don't get up there often enough from belmar (now i might have a reason)

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                Thanks!! I just googled the place and the menu looks delish! Thanks for the suggestion! Those shrimp tacos sound great.

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              Well I stopped by and chatted a bit with the folks there, and they plan on opening Monday (The crowd I saw last night was their semi-private opening party).

              They've fixed the place up nicely both inside and out (well appointed dining room and a cleared view of the falls). They are doing American cuisine with apps around $10 and entrees about $25. Hopefully they will best the string of mediocrity that has plagued the location till now...

              They have a website at: http://thefallsrestaurant.com/

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                No hours on the website (a peeve I have with all too many sites). I see there's a "happy hour," but are they serving lunch as well as dinner?

                1. re: RGR

                  I have the same peeve. The site has a lot of dated-looking content but very little actual information. Found the "About Us" data under "Catering." If they're opening tomorrow, you'd think they'd post that bit of data. I guess they're busy getting ready to open, but a regularly updated and easy-to-read website tells me you care deeply about customer satisfaction.

                  1. re: fershore

                    Called this afternoon. They are open and I'm going in tonight. Will report back and let everyone know.

                    1. re: NJDolfan

                      Menu looks interesting. I look forward to NJDolfan's review.

                      1. re: bgut1

                        Ok sorry it took so long to post. Had the whole family over all weekend.
                        Anyway, before going any further, this place was only open for 3 days when I went in. Normaly wouldn't even think about it. I started off with Calamari w/parmasan crust & Pepperocini aioli, nice and crispy and tasty. The aioli was really good, but spicy as well. That spice that you like and its hot and you cant stop eating it even though its spicy. my wife and daughter had the onion soup. Somewhat classical except for the crouton and cheese they made a mini gruyere grilled cheese sandwich that was good and creative. My in laws both had the Butternut Squash soup. I didnt try it but they couldnt stop talking about how good it was.
                        Dont know why, but we all had simple entrees. I had the Lobster sandwich on brioche and so did my mother in law The lobster salad was tender and very tasty and I loved the brioche roll, it was nice and soft.
                        Father in law had a burger which looked juicy and a perfect Med Rare. My daughter had a grilled chicken caesar salad. 3 year old had of course chicken fingers and fries. We all could not stop eating hers and my wife's fries, they were crispy and flavorful.
                        My wife had the hanger steak sandwich w/ onions mushrooms and Havarti cheese. The first thing I did was ask her if it was tender and she said"yes". Beleive me if it wasnt she would have let me know.

                        Dessert which I normally dont get, but I had to because I always remember the good desserts at The Raven & Peach.(owners wife is pastry chef) I couldnt even tell you what my in-laws split. I was to busy with my Black Bottom peanutbutter mousse. I was suppose to split with my wife but I dont even think she had time to try it.

                        Over all the food I think was really good and can only get better. The service was ok but you couldnt ask for anything more than that only being open for 3 days. the whole night ran like clockwork, you would think it would be slow but everything ran good.

                        I will without a doubt go back, but with out the kids, that way I can take a little more time to relax and enjoy in peace. Next time I will hit up the Entrees

                        1. re: NJDolfan


                          Great review. I will certainly try this restaurant....

                2. re: equal_Mark

                  My husband and I dined at The Falls last night. The parking lot was about half full. Not bad for a Tuesday. We were seated in the mid-level dining room, the same level as the entrance. Only one other party of four was in the room with us. I assumed that the crowd must be in the bar upstairs but my husband said the downstairs dining room was full. We had a beautiful view of the falls. The decor was warm and comforting.

                  Per my request, I overheard our server emphasizing to the bartender that my cosmopolitan be made with no sour mix, a frequent unpleasant surprise at other establishments. The drink list is interesting and well rounded as is the list of wines by the glass. Didn't peruse the bottle list (yet). As he was unfamiliar with some of the wines, our server was happy to bring us tastes of the ones that interested us to help us make our choices.

                  The bread basket did not include bread but higher end seasoned crackers and bread and cheese sticks and a pesto butter and roasted veggie spread. Delicious.

                  We shared the onion soup. We loved it. The flavor came from the onions, not from high-sodium industrial beef broth. The mini grilled cheese was a nice touch.

                  I ordered the halibut, which was wonderful in flavor but could have been cooked a little less. It came with whipped potatos with shrimp. Unusual but we loved it. Pure evil. The squash was perfectly steamed. The sauce was sinful too.

                  My husband had the seafood paella, which he devoured.

                  We're not dessert people, but we had no room to indulge anyway. I was extremely happy to see two dessert wines on the menu.

                  We're looking forward to future dining experiences and checking out the bar scene. The service was very attentive. I wouldn't mind seeing more healthy choices on the menu.

                  It appears that they read our posts because the website changes to reflect our comments. Bravo. (Since you're listening, add the wine list to the website, indicate what "happy hour" consists of, and remove November from the events calendar.)

                  For now, they are open for lunch on weekends. The plan is to open for lunch during the week at some point, per our server.

                  I'm optimistic...

            3. Had dinner at The Falls last night. It wasn't planned, but I needed a burger fix and did not feel like journeying to Belmar. I had noticed tat The Falls has burgers listed on the regular menu as well as the bar menu, and since it is only a few minutes walk from where I live so I figured I'd check it out.

              First of all, it was about 6pm on a Thursday night and it was packed. The parking lot was full. Since I was alone I opted to sit up in the bar, and it was also crowded and loud. It seems the place has quickly developed quite a hopping bar scene. I was lucky enough to snag a table next to the windows..

              There was a bit of a wait to get a menu and drink from the server, but given the general hubbub this was not a surprise. When my order was taken, the service was friendly and pretty quick (Note to myself: Next time when ordering Iced tea, specify unsweetened).

              I started with the onion soup. which as mentioned here is close to a classic rendition with a *lot* of onions cooked way down and caramelized, served with a mini gruyere grilled cheese sandwich. A nice start on a cold night.

              I ordered the 8 oz On the Rocks burger, with tomato, blue cheese and bacon. It was served with a nice dill pickle spear, a small cup of cole slaw that was actually very good. I would have enjoyed a bit more slaw and a bit less fries. This is not to say the fries were not good, they were also very good, standard cut, crispy and hot. But there was a LOT of them! I could not finish them all.

              The burger was cooked medium rare as requested, and had nice flavor and left a not insubstantial puddle of drippings on the plate. The only issue, and this is just a little peeve of mine, was the actual construction of the patty. Most of the places that do really good burgers tend to slightly indent the center of the patty. When grilled, this results in a more evenly cooked burger and prevents the center from swelling excessively. When a burger is served with a swelled center, it can make eating the second half of the burger more difficult as it tende to try to slip out of the bun. Like I said, this is a minor peeve and just tends to up the messiness factor a bit.

              All in all it was a good meal. Price before tip was about $20. The setting was OK considering it was in a pretty raucous bar scene, but the food and view made up for it. If the Falls can work from here, maintain or even improve with time, it looks like after 35 years there is finally an establishment worthy of the location.

              1. We stopped by recently for lunch in order to get a feel for the place. They're serving their bar menu which means the selections are limited. What wasn't apparent from the posts on this thread is that seating is only available in the bar area. This can be a drawback. (More later.)

                As you might expect, the bar menu is a stripped down version of a standard lunch menu. It's primarily simple stuff - there are about 10 choices and they skew heavily towards sandwiches and burgers. We wanted to test the kitchen a bit so we ordered the BLT and the Cuban sandwich.

                Burgers are usually a safe choice in any restaurant. Take a decent piece of fresh beef, cook it to order, and serve it on good bread. It's not particularly hard to do so it's not surprising that lots of places do a good job. Want proof? Read this -


                We wanted a better test of the kitchen.

                Both sandwiches were well made and served on good bread. Neither one was a revelation but I'd call them pretty good. Both were served with hot crispy fries. Given this limited sample the kitchen seems to do a good job.

                Eating in the bar room at lunch time is less than ideal. It's pleasant enough but it's not particularly fancy. There are no standard tables. You eat at high mushroom type tables seated on stools. The room is somewhat noisy with '80s rock tunes piped in at a higher volume than I'd like. In short, the room is geared towards being a bar and not a dining room. I'd prefer it if they opened a section of the regular dining room to handle lunches. I wouldn't mind a few more menu choices as well.

                Service was well meaning but unpolished. When our plates were delivered to the table we had to ask for napkins and tableware. After tasting our sandwiches we realized they both could use a bit of salt. We had to ask for that too. They're in their shakedown phase so I'll give them a pass on this for now.

                It will be interesting to read more dinner and lunch reports. In the meantime we'll wait a month or two to see how things evolve.

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                1. re: Bob Martinez

                  When were you there? I specifically asked about lunch and was told they only serve it on Saturdays...

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                    I was there on Sunday. They must have just changed their hours.

                    1. re: Bob Martinez

                      Went last night and ate at the bar. Pretzel bites with cheddar sauce were a great snack to start with drinks. Moved on to fried calamari - the aoli it was served with had a great chili-pepper bite to it, and the calamari itself was fried perfectly, not to heavy. Wife had butternut squash soup with some nice winter spices - tasted like Christmas. I had the french onion soup which was excellent (and served with a mini grilled cheese sandwich), but could have been served a bit hotter. Note to self: order an extra grilled cheese with it next time, and ask for melted gruyere on top of the soup). Finished the meal with a lobster salad sandwich, served on brioche. I think it was pretty good, but i was 3 martinis deep at that point. All of this with 6 drinks (4 martinis from an extensive menu- Creamsicle, Thin Mint, Pomegranate, Macaroon, 2 glasses of wine) came to about $100.

                      1. re: amv

                        Still no info or menu on the website. Don't places understand they lose a lot of business thhis way. Even though I've been wanting to try this place we're going elsewhere tonight since we can't check the menu here first.

                        1. re: equal_Mark

                          Looks like the guys at The Falls are listening to us. I just was looking for a place to listen to music this weekend and looks like the updated their site.

                          Looks pretty good.
                          Sorry I can't go see my Dolphins on those big TV's.

                2. I took my wife there for Valentines dinner. We don't plan on returning. Here's the emiail I sent to the address on their site:

                  "My wife and I were very dissapointed in the quality of the food we were served for Valentine's Day dinner.

                  The 2nd Course she had the Wellington which was way overcooked, almost like it was cooked previously then reheated. I ordered the oysters and found that two of them were bad.

                  For the 3rd Corse my wife ordered the swordfish steak. The fish was overcooked to the point that it was dry and the spicy sauce pooled underneath did not compliment the fish at all. The corn filling in the stuffed poblano was gummy.

                  I ordered the rack of lamb medium rare. When my plate arrived it had three different sized pieces of lamb, one piece with 2 bones, and two different sized pieces with one bone. All three were cooked to different temperatures. The quality of lamb was horrible. The larger piece was overcooked on the outside and raw on the inside. I still found that piece tough to cut and eat.

                  The worst item on my dish was the risotto. The risotto was completely inedible resembling the texture of wallpaper paste. The steamed vegetables were not seasoned at all.

                  The service was decent for the most part. The hostess's may need to dress more appropriately if you want the atmosphere to be equivelent to the design of your menu.

                  The lobster bisque was nice and the mousse servred with the chocholate dessert was very good."

                  A horrible dinner to the tune of $175 + tip. I don't know who is preparing these meals but they are not quality at all. I can see the ideas they are putting together, but the actual prep is horrible....novice-like.

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                    Drink much? My parents went there on V'Day and had a great time. They said the pre-Fixe was olny $50

                    1. re: NJDolfan

                      I would never judge a restaurant on a meal I had there on Vday, New Years or Mothers day. Those are the biggest annual amateur eating out nights and every place goes into the weeds.

                  2. My wife and I know the places in the shore area of Monmouth very well. We mostly go to places with a view of the water. The Falls is a welcome addtion. The owners are trying hard in a difficult enviroment and competive area of NJ. Everything we tried is at least "good" if not better. Only had dinner once - mostly go there for apps at the bar. The bar is a good place to watch sports. (largest TV in the area) The people on boths side are friendly. The restaurant is casual/romantic. The manager always comes over to say hi for a few minutes. I have to say I have some bias since we live 10 mins north of the Falls and used to trout fish there. I'd say is worth a 30 to 45 min drive to check it out. I cant say there are bargins on the menu but you get your $$ worth.

                    The food:
                    Filet Mignon: mom said best she ever had and she is picky
                    Onion Soup: very good (I make my own)
                    Calamari: Excellent
                    Nachos: good to very good
                    Duck Confit Quesadilla: good
                    Seafish app: good to very good - ask for bread
                    Cuban Sandwitch: good
                    Crab Cakes: good (the sauce is a biy odd)
                    Lobster Salad: wife says its top notch ie nothing better
                    Double Cut Pork Chop: Bro inlaw says very good

                    1. Had lunch on Sunday. ordered the Duck Confit Quesadilla. Burnt, dry, tasteless and $11 for three small 'dilla's. What a total let down. All in all just another wanabee ripoff

                      1. I've eaten at the bar several times over the last 2 months and found it to be one of the best spots around. Was there last Sat night with my wife, 3 little ones at home w babysitter. Awsome drink menu, great bar stools and large bar surface, plenty of room for drinks and food. Have had the burger and short rib sandwich as well as the filet twice. Everything has been awsome. Wife had the grouper which she said was average. Dessert menu is strong and quailty is top notch. Atmosphere is perfect for a night out where you want to have great food with a bar experience and good crowd. Also have live music starting at 9, acoustic guitar type acts, last Sat was Melissa Chill, jersey shore fav. And to top it all off, they have a massive projection screen (prob 8 feet across) and 2 40inch flat screens all on the final 4 games last Sat. As far as eating downstairs have not done it yet but upstairs in the bar/lounge for a fun night out or to watch a game and get good food which is not easy to find, this is the spot. It doesn't hurt that I am 5mins down the road but nothing even close to this in the area for what it offers. Staff also quite attractive as well for what it's worth. Overall similar I guess to a few places in Red Bank.

                        1. I have been once. Its ok, We got killed for drinks in TINTON FALLS?! Ok, the sandwich i had was standard chicken which to no surprise was over cooked and dry, so now I need more sauce or drink just to get it down. The chicken spring roll was really good bar snack. She had the goat cheese salad, for what is was, OUCH on the value, however definately tasty. Well stop in for A cocktail now and again, but the true dollar value of taste or portion<NOTICE taste first> is not there.

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                          1. re: metalrat

                            Falls is For Sale. It's official. See what happens when you fire the 2 chefs that know what they are doing. You end up burring yourself

                            1. re: NJDolfan

                              It's my understanding that the owner of Dish in Red Bank has expressed interest in the property. The current owner doesn't seem to want to budge on the price, no doubt because he has invested a fair amount in it. We'll see.

                              1. re: Deb Van D

                                I think they asked him to over see aperations, but they have 2 guys from Merri-makers doing that now.
                                See how well that went already.

                          2. Anyone been there recently? The last posts in July said it was for sale.

                            If you have been there, how is lunch? Seems to be basically the bar menu but a couple bucks cheaper.

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                            1. re: cantkick

                              My friend dragged me there today for lunch at the bar.
                              What a waste of time. I had the "Authentic Pat’s & Gino’s Philly Cheese Steak"
                              dont know how they get away with this one, because Pat's and Geno's are cheese steak gods compared to what they gave me. Beef was chewy, the mushrooms were sandy and the hoagie roll was hard.
                              My buddy had the the calamari and those were like deep fried rubber bands. A whole lot different from the beginning when they had that pepperocini aioli.
                              Lastly, don't know what was up, but it looked like the manager (i think, tall guy with snake skin shoes) gave some guy a check at the bar and then they got into it with each with each other. That was weird.

                              1. re: NJDolfan

                                Such a shame that a location like that seems for some reason to be cursed. This is probably not the best time to try opening a fine dining establishment, but with a view like that and a 10 minute walk from my house I can always dream. The last few incarnations seem unable to decide whether they want to focus on the food or the bar scene...

                                1. re: NJDolfan

                                  Thanks. You saved me a trip. I'm always on the lookout for some variety at lunchtime. I guess I'm better off across the street for the salad bar at CB's.

                              2. Do yourself all a favor and walk across the street to Portofino. Yes, another Northern Italian. The place is terrific. Well prepared, and delicious appetizers and entrees with a great wine selection.

                                1. fwiw, I just found out that 2 friends/chefs (well one is an acquaintenance whom I met through his partner) who are in talks with the new owner as to breathing some life into this space.

                                  Parking has always been a problem here. I will defer on any thoughts that my culinary friends are discussing as to the prospective use, food style, etc as it is in the very preliminary stages with both of my contacts currently 'working' at other establishments.

                                  We shall see.

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                                  1. re: JustJake

                                    someone told me 2 weeks ago it was for sale or maybe lease, I have not been there in a years

                                    1. re: JustJake

                                      I have generally been disappointed with all the incarnations over 40 years at this space. They seemed to rely on the view out the back and the food itself was just secondary, much like most of the Monmouth County restaurants with a view of the water. Great view, mediocre food. When The Falls first opened it was one of the more promising possibilities, but seemed to let it's bar scene take over much of the focus.

                                      It is really a shame as the space has the potential of being really elegant. The one aspect I am not sure of though is the overhead. I have no doubts that maintaining a 200+ year old building right on a riverbank must cost $$$ to keep up to code,

                                      1. re: equal_Mark

                                        "... the food itself was just secondary, much like most of the Monmouth County restaurants with a view of the water."

                                        Honestly, that's true of almost all "view" restaurants everywhere, not just in Monmouth County.

                                      2. re: JustJake

                                        Went there for lunch. We all got the burger. It was decent; not great, but better than many. And it was huge. Tip for lunch: get the salad instead of the fries. It's mixed greens instead of the typical iceberg/romaine.

                                        However, the service was incredibly slow. I'll try it again, but if the service doesn't speed up, it will be the last time.

                                        1. re: cantkick

                                          garbage food of low quality...terrible service, avoid at all costs and make a pb&j at home...dirty place is a sad excuse for a restaurant in this area.