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Romantic in North County Coastal for under $100

Our neighbor did us a favor the other day and we'd like to give her and her husband a gift certificate to say thanks.

Anyways, we've never met her husband but he is due to come home for two weeks shortly before leaving again for seven months. We'd like to give them a gift certificate to a romantic place for dinner while we watch their kids.

Any recommendations for a romantic place for two that they could have a nice meal and bottle of wine for $100? Is that even possible?

thanks in advance for recommendations

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  1. Which county? (There are several in CA.............)

    1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and assume you mean North Coastal San Diego County.
      I think the only hang up with some of the area's top "romantic" spots might be your $100 lid. A lot of the usual suspects (Mille Fleurs, Market, etc.) typically top out above that. So ... I'm going to suggest a few that might fit under romantic and the price cap:
      Ki's, in Cardiff by the Sea. www.kisrestaurant.com. Great ocean view, solid menu.
      Third Corner, Encinitas. http://the3rdcorner.com/. Connected to a wine bar, bistro style dining.
      As I type these, I realize it's so hard to know what is romantic. At least at the two I've mentioned, your friends can have a nice meal and bottle of wine. I'll leave the romance up to them. :)

      1. I'm not familiar with the area, but just a general suggestion. Do you have a nice bottle of wine you could give them along with the $100.? They would probably pay a $20. corkage and still have $80. to spend on their meal. Wine in a lot of restaurants eats up that $100. fast.

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          Excellent point Gail. Great way to open up a few more "romantic" options and stay under the price point.

        2. Jake's Del Mar is a great place and you can't beat the oceanfront location..


          1. OP hasn't even confirmed that it IS SD.

            1. Market is my favorite for food, but $100 is not going to cover the bill, especially with any wine. Pamplemousse has an elegance and classiness to it, and $100 will come closer to paying the food bill. If they like steak and chops and an old boys atmosphere, Red Tracton's is my preference over all of the chain steakhouses. And while it may not be romantic, I like the food and bistro atmosphere at Savory a lot and $100 could buy dinner and a glass of wine each, maybe.

              1. well I would think small Italian.. to be able to fit the budget.. There is an Italian place in Encinitas on the corner.. sorry anyone else know the name? very small.. But romantic on a week night where it wouldnt be so busy.. With pasta they just might do it..

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                  "on the corner?" I'm thinking you're referring to Trattoria i Trulli, which is at 830 South Coast Highway, near the intersection of Highway 101 and H Street in downtown Encinitas. It is a nice place, romantic enough with a small, intimate setting. And it's hands down my fav Italian food in coastal north county. It gets a lot of rec's on this board, and rightfully so.

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                    Hi - sorry - yes, I did mean San Diego County...

                    Thanks for the recommendation on Trattoria i Trulli - I had sort of forgot about that place. My husband and I have been there several times last time we lived here. It's good to know it's still there and is earning good reviews. I think I will go there for the gift certificate.

                    Then, I'm going to take my husband and check out the rest of the recommendations on this thread!!!!