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Oct 9, 2008 02:42 PM

Will a piece of toast in the morning put me in an early grave?

The good news is I try to avoid the national brands and stick with local/regional purveyors. Here in the Chicago area, I'll generally go with Natural Ovens of Manitowac, Today's Temptation's here in Chicago, or Healthy Life out of Indiana- I usually go for whole grain or rye. Nothing like a toasted slice of bread in the AM with a little melted cheese on it...

A couple of things I've heard lately have me behooved!!!

1) Once a slice of bread has been toasted, it raises the glycemic index considerably
2) The delicious burnt parts are carcinogenic!!!

Say it ain't so!!!!!

It also took me many years to figure out that my little slice of toast with a slice of muenster or havarti is essentially like eating a slice of pizza without the sauce ( well, the sauce in this case is butter!!) ...I do use Smart Balance, but on the weekends i splurge for BUTTER!!!!

oh, and what about those little crumbs of toast that end up in the butter container..Yukko!!!..I wonder if they can cause any collateral damage after lingering in the container over time

...and why are the toaster ovens almost the size of my microwave, and take forever to toast!!! I miss my 2 slice toastmaster

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  1. "Your toast" may enable you to reach your actuarial expectancy of 78.3 years (depending on your present age)
    "You're toast" may mean you have wandered into a dangerous part of town, and you have about 6 seconds to go...:)

    1. I really don't think you need to worry about your morning toast, one slice of toast for breakfast with good cheese sounds like moderation to me. If you're really worried about the burnt parts then scrape them off. Breakfast is the most important part of the day it increase the rate of your metabolism over the day by giving it a kick start, this helps to keep peoples weight down which in turn prolongs your life span.

      If you're really worried only melt cheese on your toast every other day, or just on weekends.

      1. A lack of toast and butter would have me yearning for an early grave. Actually, a good bit of butter - or, better yet, FRYING the bread - would probably reduce that glycemic index, for the same reason that a fried potato is less HG than a baked potato. Throw a couple of eggs in there and save the rabbit food for lunch.

        1. If you ate that way all the time, perhaps. I had a heavenly piece of toasted seven grain bread with peanut butter and California blood orange marmalade on it for breakfast yesterday. I hate boring cereal as a steady diet. Sometimes I have to whip up some eggs and bacon.
          I'd be more paranoid about choking on the toast!

          1. Well, if you eat fruit you might get pesticides; vegetables, various scary microrganisms; meat, saturated fat and carcinogens from frying; ground meat, e. coli; poultry and eggs, salmonella ... The only safe course is to simply not eat.