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Oct 9, 2008 02:37 PM

Salad Creations

Anyone have anything to offer in the way of commentary on Salad Creations? One has opened in our town and I'm curious.


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  1. We just got one too. It's good. The menu has pre-designed salads to choose from or you can create your own. They have half and full size portions. With a full size create your own, you get as many toppings as you want (it might be 4 toppings on the half). You get to choose your lettuce (iceberg, romaine, or mixed greens), and they'll toss or chop the salad for you, to mix in the dressing.

    1. we like salad creations. we like to design our own and get it chopped. usually my husband and i share the full sized without any meats and it is enough for the 2 of us. a good, healthier alternative to fast food.

      1. I went to the one at Yonge & College and it was good but kind of expensive
        they are either brave or stupid to open up during these times and have such high prices

        1. One recently opened on Oahu. Was pretty good, a bit pricey, especially for the 'create your own' option. Much better than the salads you get at some of the sub places. The produce didn't have that chemical taste. I'm not ready to eat there every day, but it was acceptable.

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            If I were (lucky enough) to be living on Oahu, I'd line up at To-Chow or have lunch at one of the Sapporo ramen, or Giovanni-Kahuhu Shrimp-wannabe joints. Stuck in Toronto, the Yonge & College Salad Creations will have to do. Portion is generous - even for the "small size 4 topping one. The environment is quite nice, has free WiFi, and the staff is ultra-friendly (right now anyways). I like the Spinach & Romain base with eggs, avacado, portebello mushrooms, and maderin orange - tossed with the super-light Asian Sesame dressing. The soups goes on sale a couple of hours before closing. So a late dinner of soup and sald can go for under ten dollars. Not cheap, but very reasonable for fresh salad in this part of town.