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Oct 9, 2008 02:37 PM

Searching for nyc style pizza in Baltimore

I will be flying into Baltimore from Toronto for a wedding over the weekend, would like to locate
A good nyc pizza place downtown Baltimore if not any other local thin crust should work. But a good one


Mo Zaheer

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  1. Try Pasta Mista on Boston street in Canton. Its new to the area and it's great!

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    1. re: 180hearted

      2nd. Pasta Mista is the closest youll find

    2. Yeah, Pasta Mista and Tutti Gusti are both in Canton and come close, but to be honest, it's not fair to search for NYC pizza in Baltimore. There's a reason it's NYC pizza, Baltimore joints tend to have their own take on pie, ie Matthew's, Joe Squared and Lucas Cafe.

      1. Good Luck. It's just not the same. I've been searching for many years. Pasta Mista comes closest and although some may disagree, so does Littly Italy Pizza on Broadway in Fells Point.

        1. Why come to Baltimore and have "NYC style" pizza, why not have Baltimore Pizza. Try Matthew's Pizza, Lucas Cafe. Iggies or Joe Squared

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          1. re: hon

            Because I think some people like certain types of pizza better than others.

            I've never tried Matthew's because I've heard it isn't a traditional thin crust. I love pizza more than anything and have to be in the mood for a certain type, ie NYC thin crust, Chicago thick crust, true italian fresh neopolitan, etc. 9 times out of 10, I want a traditional NYC pizza. Once in a while, I want a true Chicago must-eat-with-fork-and-knife deep dish. I've yet to find one that I like that is in between. I also can't stand sauce that has any hint of sweetness to it. Everyone's tastes are different, some people just know what they like.

          2. I would have to say that Fortunato's comes the closest. They're up on York Rd about a mile north of Northern Parkway, near the Giant. Not as good as NYC, but still close. I am on the same search, but moved here 16 years ago, so this is the closest I've come.

            Fortunato Brothers Pizza
            6374 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212