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How often do you have dessert :)

Whether it's a piece of fruit or cake, how often do you have something sweet after a meal? Has your upbringing or culture influenced this?

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  1. Dessert proper, only when hosting a dinner party or a guest at a dinner party. Fruit after dinner depends on whether I ate my quota of fruit during the day.

    Definitely influenced by upbringing, dessert was never a part of an everyday dinner plan in my family, not that we were stopped from getting our own dessert. My eldest sister as the only one of my siblings who regularly indulged in dessert (mostly ice cream) is also the only one of us who is overweight. I was quite young when this started (I was 6/7 and she was 19/20) and I think it served as a warning to the rest of us as to what could happen if we didn't practice moderation.

    (Not that dessert is the sole cause of her weight gain - but it is part of a whole attitude to food that she possesses)

    1. Rarely after lunch, pretty much every single day after dinner. And I'm not talking about fruit - I'm talking about a cookie, a brownie, a piece of cake, a scoop of ice cream . . . people come to visit and marvel at how i can keep all those things in my house and not eat them all at once and/or weigh 200 pounds. Most of the time I really am satisfied with a small serving of something sweet and I'm not tempted to eat more. But I need that little bit. My family was, and is, the same way - dessert every evening = pretty much a given.

      1. Never except for guests, except for fresh fruit. For the past couple of years, I've been avoiding sugar - I mean the pure white stuff - sure I eat fruit, drink some wine and ingest vegetables etc that contain sugars. Won't go into the health reasons, but has been positive (and this is not a decision for all time).

        Not many desserts at home, except on feast days.

        Irisav, remember that there are many factors in weight gain. I'll never be Audrey Hepburn slender, and I don't eat big portions or crap.

        But then, dessert can be CHEESE. Yum.

        1. After lunch and after dinner.... I have a terrible sweet tooth.

          But it is just usually a cookie or ice cream unless we have guests - then it's much more indulgent.

          Hooray for dessert! ;-)

          1. i have to have something sweet in the evening or else i just do not feel satsified. it could be fruit and cheese, a scoop of sorbet, a piece of chocolate, toast with nutella. i recently spent a weekend with a friend who doesn't have this habit, and i felt hungry and unsatisfied constantly.

            i don't buy cookies or the like, and when i bake at home i use whole grains. i think that my diet is fairly well balanced - so this love of dessert does not worry me.

            i love to make special desserts for occasions, and i would never serve anyone a meal without something sweet at the end. i didn't grow up with this philosophy, but rather was deprived of sugar for most of my childhood. i do wonder if my sweet tooth is a backlash against this early upbringing, but really i think my mom was just trying to do the right thing - but my desire to have sweet things won out in the end. i have detoxed myself from sugar on a few occasions - i don't feel better or feel more energetic or stop liking it or any of that. i just go back to my old evil ways!

            1. i have dessert at least once a day after a meal, even if it means going out for nonfat frozen yogurt with fresh fruit. i also have at least one sweet a day for a snack, too, like a cupcake, muffin or cookie. i never keep it in my house (helps portion control when you go out for a serving) and i buy things from bakeries and ice cream stores that use high quality natural ingredients so everything tastes ultra-satisfying and rich. i didn't really have free access to desserts or sweets growing up and had a mother preoccupied with my weight. needless to say, sweets became a binge food during my years as an anorexic/bulimic. my nutritionist encourages me to have daily dessert to stave off binges and to remind myself that a desserts can fit into my life in a healthy way.

              1. Fruit every night, sweet stuff only on Saturday evening, that's my splurge for attempting to be good Mon-Fri.

                1. Several years ago, I started having a small dessert (not fruit or anything healthy) after dinners. I actually lost weight during that time. I will always believe it's because I felt more satisfied so didn't go back to the kitchen snacking.

                  Now, I don't do dessert every night and have gained weight. I'm embarking on some healthy lifestyle changes right now and may just start back indulging in a small sweet after dinner. At this time, I occasionally make sweet treats. Lots of times it's for a special occasion but I do some "just because" desserts as well.

                  1. I have a huge sweet tooth and always have. My family has always been big on dessert. I eat very healthy all day (mostly fruit, veggies, whole grains) but have dessert almost every night after dinner - generally a scoop of chocolate sorbet or a homemade cookie or brownie if there are some freshly made. Nothing big, just a little something sweet to end the day.

                    1. maybe 3 or 4 times a year, I prefer to fill up on appetizers, and the main course than on something sweet. Even then I wont order, or make my own, but sample a bite or two of a dining companions. Desert has never really interested me.

                      Also sweets dont mix well, or taste good with beer, and tequila which I am typically drinking.

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                        as a side note, as a kid when the family would go out for ice cream, I would get to go next door for a Philly Steak, or a Hoagie instead.

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                          I'm with you. When we go out to eat, I satisfy myself with savory foods and beer/wine/liquor. Dessert just isn't that important to me and never was when I was growing up. I was the kid who didn't like cake and would scrape icing off and barely nibble when served a slice.

                          However, I did just eat a "fun size" Snickers.

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                            swsidejim, I like your priorities. When I was a kid I would always ask for another helping of the main course, not dessert. Nothing's changed since then...

                        2. I have a small scoop of ice cream every night. Like alliedawn I lost weight when I started allowing this small indulgence everyday. I also have a small piece of chocolate with lunch everyday. On special occasions dessert are more elaborate and decadent, but that only have a few times a year for holidays and birthdays. Oddly enough, I very rarely order dessert when eating out.

                          1. I seem to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dasz once a week, in one sitting. Otherwise, I usually have something sweet after lunch or dinner (like a brownie) most days. I call it a "palette cleanser." :-)

                            If I eat 2 desserts in one day I usually have a very light dinner like a bowl of soup to compensate, calorie-wise.

                            Of course, the nutrition in this logic is absent.

                            1. Very rarely do I ever have dessert. A couple hours after dinner if I get a craving for something sweet I'll have a couple bites of a snickers or a bite or two of dark chocolate. I am more likely to want to have a hunk of cheese rather than a dessert.

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                                My husband has dessert every night. I bake 2-3 times a week so there is always something on hand. I rarely do dessert, but have a bite of something sweet daily, just not necessarily after a meal.


                              2. If we are talking traditional dessert - ice cream, chocolate, pie etc.. then not very often. I find that the food and moment in time is that much more special if left for special times; a nice dinner, guests, birthday. If we are talking fruit after dinner, then probably 4 or 5 days a week. I easily eat all the recommended veg requirements for the day, but I really enjoy a handful of grapes or sliced apple after supper.

                                1. I grew up in a family that rarely ate dessert - even when we had guests for dinner, unless it was a birthday with birthday cake or Thanksgiving with pie, the most "dessert" we usually had was fruit salad (fresh fruit with yogurt on top). I still rarely eat dessert except at fine dining restaurants, where I always check out the dessert menu out of curiosity. Then we usually split one dessert among the entire table - usually 2-4 people, and sometimes order a port or dessert wine with that.

                                  1. It depends on whether I've been baking. Even though I don't like to eat dessert that often, I really like to bake. But if it's there. I eat it. At the moment I have loads of apples straight from the orchard, so there's been apple pie and apple crisp in the house for the past week or so. Luckily, I can do with a bite or two and leave it.

                                    1. Whenever possible. I live by the old adage, "life is short, eat dessert first."

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                                        Good. More cheese and savouries for me...

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                                          ...and what's wrong with a nice cheese platter for dessert? Dessert doesn't have to be sweet!

                                      2. Dinner at a restaurant= Every time. Dessert is probably my mine criteria for liking/choosing a restaurant. A lot of the time I will have two (or even three)
                                        Dinner at home= Not that often but when I do its whatever we have. Fruit/juice, ice cream or a cookie with tea.

                                        My g-ma said that my g-pa had a real big sweet tooth and would always have ice cream after dinner.

                                        My parents rarely have dessert, but my mother is always willing to throw together a cherry pie for my father or brother when they ask for it.

                                        1. Dessert for me is a random but common occurrence. I eat it whenever I feel like it and I have time, which can be often. I include all definitions of dessert the in the mix: cookies, cakes, puddings, cheese, fruit, odd Asian delights involving beans and jellies, candy, chocolate. My desserts may be small (a small square of good chocolate, one fruit candy, a small piece of Indian sweet such as a dil bahar) to ginormous (large slice of sweet potato pie, or multiple course desserts).

                                          My love of fruit comes from my Korean parents, who ate almost no regular desserts, but who always have to finish a meal with slices of fruit. It turns out that my love of highway fruit stands comes from my mother, who has trained my father to decelerate and stop at every interesting fruit stand we pass at a wave of her hand. My love of other desserts is the result of a raging id.

                                          I have, however, crossed a line. I have had more time off work of late, and now I have time to have leisurely breakfasts for the first time in years. I am finding myself preparing a dessert course to go with my breakfast coffee! Usually it is something very small, but still... I feel perhaps I need an intervention.

                                          1. I believe in the saying: "eat dessert first" and live it out by eating cake for breakfast... and really, at any time during the day when I can get it...

                                            1. i have dessert probably every weekend when we go out usually its apple pie because i love it but i am a very skinny teen and eat bisquits a few times a week usually tim-tams (guess where i live hehe). my mother allows all food into the house and we were allowed dessert or a treat if we felt like it when we were little but always had lots of fresh fruit and veg available too and healthy dinners all of my siblings and i are slim and healthy dessert is a healthy pleasure and with balance to be enjoyed.

                                                1. Growing up I always had ice cream or something like that after dinner. I also often had a candy bar in my lunch and a snack when I came home. I grew up spending time being babysat by my grandmother who liked to feed me. My mother was a bit of a health nut and they had a difficult relationship, so allowing me all of the sweet treats I loved was one way my grandmother could use me as a pawn against my mother.

                                                  Now, I usually just have dessert a few days a week because I am too weak around good food and don't keep it in the house. I will usually have a dessert if I'm out at a restaurant. I might have a sweet snack in the afternoon at work if Aunt Flo plans a visit in the near future. I love baking and if I made it, I use it as an excuse to eat it after dinner.

                                                  To sum up, I'd say 3-4 times a week on average.

                                                  1. Probably once per month, except during the "Rubber Chicken Season." [The various events that we must attend, usually running from mid-May, to early- June in Phoenix.] Even then, it is only if the dessert has raspberries and good chocolate and I still have a nice Merlot.

                                                    Normally, I opt for a cheese course, and maybe take a single bite, should my wife order one. Does that count? If so, then 1.25/month at most.