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Oct 9, 2008 02:21 PM

How often do you have dessert :)

Whether it's a piece of fruit or cake, how often do you have something sweet after a meal? Has your upbringing or culture influenced this?

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  1. Dessert proper, only when hosting a dinner party or a guest at a dinner party. Fruit after dinner depends on whether I ate my quota of fruit during the day.

    Definitely influenced by upbringing, dessert was never a part of an everyday dinner plan in my family, not that we were stopped from getting our own dessert. My eldest sister as the only one of my siblings who regularly indulged in dessert (mostly ice cream) is also the only one of us who is overweight. I was quite young when this started (I was 6/7 and she was 19/20) and I think it served as a warning to the rest of us as to what could happen if we didn't practice moderation.

    (Not that dessert is the sole cause of her weight gain - but it is part of a whole attitude to food that she possesses)

    1. Rarely after lunch, pretty much every single day after dinner. And I'm not talking about fruit - I'm talking about a cookie, a brownie, a piece of cake, a scoop of ice cream . . . people come to visit and marvel at how i can keep all those things in my house and not eat them all at once and/or weigh 200 pounds. Most of the time I really am satisfied with a small serving of something sweet and I'm not tempted to eat more. But I need that little bit. My family was, and is, the same way - dessert every evening = pretty much a given.

      1. Never except for guests, except for fresh fruit. For the past couple of years, I've been avoiding sugar - I mean the pure white stuff - sure I eat fruit, drink some wine and ingest vegetables etc that contain sugars. Won't go into the health reasons, but has been positive (and this is not a decision for all time).

        Not many desserts at home, except on feast days.

        Irisav, remember that there are many factors in weight gain. I'll never be Audrey Hepburn slender, and I don't eat big portions or crap.

        But then, dessert can be CHEESE. Yum.

        1. After lunch and after dinner.... I have a terrible sweet tooth.

          But it is just usually a cookie or ice cream unless we have guests - then it's much more indulgent.

          Hooray for dessert! ;-)

          1. i have to have something sweet in the evening or else i just do not feel satsified. it could be fruit and cheese, a scoop of sorbet, a piece of chocolate, toast with nutella. i recently spent a weekend with a friend who doesn't have this habit, and i felt hungry and unsatisfied constantly.

            i don't buy cookies or the like, and when i bake at home i use whole grains. i think that my diet is fairly well balanced - so this love of dessert does not worry me.

            i love to make special desserts for occasions, and i would never serve anyone a meal without something sweet at the end. i didn't grow up with this philosophy, but rather was deprived of sugar for most of my childhood. i do wonder if my sweet tooth is a backlash against this early upbringing, but really i think my mom was just trying to do the right thing - but my desire to have sweet things won out in the end. i have detoxed myself from sugar on a few occasions - i don't feel better or feel more energetic or stop liking it or any of that. i just go back to my old evil ways!