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Oct 9, 2008 02:20 PM

sorbet without alcohol?

Hi all,

I am hosting a dinner party Saturday and planning a pretty rich menu so I wanted to end with a nice light sorbet. I even bought an ice cream maker for the occasion. I wanted to make the kir royale sorbet from the Gourmet cookbook. Then I found out two guests don't drink. So I went looking for a sorbet recipe without booze in it and am finding it surprisingly hard to locate one that also uses SOMETHING that's in season. Any ideas? So far I am coming up with only lemon, which seems a bit boring.


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  1. Where are you? Can you get Meyer lemons? They make a delicious sorbet, not boring at all. The recipe I use calls for milk and vanilla, which gives the sorbet a great creaminess while still being light and refreshing.
    Can you find pomegranite juice where you are? That makes a nice sorbet too.

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      I live in Berkeley, CA and can get Meyer Lemons and pomegranate juice. Can you share your recipes?

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        Hope it's not too late!
        Will post in the am when I'm not so tired! If you've got Meyers, whole milk, vanilla extract and sugar you should be good to go. Oh, and maybe powdered gelatin, unless you're opposed.

    2. Seasonally, I'd go with Plum, Cranberry-Quince, Black Mission Fig or Green Apple. I've found plenty of recipes on-line that don't have alcohol or there was an easy non-alcohol substitute (e.g. oj for GM). Recently made the Fig sorbet, it was really tasty and the prettiest color! Wth alot of fall fruits they need to be poached in simple syrup because the sugar helps bring out the flavor which is dulled when frozen & they puree better when softened. I've also seen alot of recipes that don't tell you to strain the fruit puree using a fine sieve, but it really makes the texture better. Cheers!

      1. The Perfect Scoop has several fruit sorbet recipes in it that use a minimal amount of alcohol (1-2 T) which could probably be left out. There's a plum-raspberry sorbet that's delectable.

        1. Cook's Illustrated has sorbet recipes for orange and raspberry sorbet - the raspberries are frozen ones. minimal amount of alcohol and i have made both successfully without since we dont use alcohol.

          1. This is a little late from your posting, but try using rhubarb! Just chop it into chunks, place in a sauce pan with water not even to cover, and cook gently until it falls apart. Add sugar to taste, maybe even slightly sweeter than you'd normally go for. THEN, strain it with a chinois or china cap. This way you get a brilliant pink sorbet, but not stringy rhubarb stalk in there. Plus the natural pectin in rhubarb lends a creamier mouthfeel.