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Oct 9, 2008 02:14 PM

Have you made a List yet? SD

Not sure if you guys are aware of the new list feature on ch now . If you have share yours!

Mine is here:

PS on an unrelated note for SD hounds there is going to be the Tequila Expo in Tijuana all next week 13-19. If you are interested in going drop me a line on my email listed on mychow page.

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  1. Thanks Alex! This is great! I printed your list and will keep it in the car with me. I've been in North County before and thinking "Now where is it that Alex recommended up here???" Now I'll know! :)

    1. No Tacos El Paisa or Mariscos German on your list?

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      1. You're a lifesaver! You got #1 in the right spot. I've been to all but three and I totally agree with you. I really would add Mama Testa's, it's so unique. Now we want a print out of your other (non Mexican) favorites, include those new places in Mira Mesa. I hope I get to see you before you finish college. ;-))

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        1. Nice new feature, as you know we pretty much eat at the same places I would probably add La Fachada

          1. Mama Testa's and La Fachada are others that def should be included on the list!