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Oct 9, 2008 02:02 PM

WalMart - Yays and Nays

King Arthur flour - great selection, low price
Golden Star jasmine rice
Vinegar - malt, red wine, rice
Kashi TLC crunchy granola bars - great price, I'm a fan of the pumpkin spice flax flavor
Natures Valley granola bars - great prices for all varieties

Sam's choice salsa - typical generic salsa, tastes artificially thick (my ideal mass-market salsa is Pace)
Great Value plain yogurt - this was just too thin and still tasted like artificial thickeners

What good or bad items have you found at WalMart?

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  1. nays:

    produce dept.
    meat dept.


    canned goods
    frozen crab legs

    hit and miss:

    deli counter

    1. Good:
      Sam's choice roasted and salted nuts - great value, fine product
      Sam's choice peanut butter pretzel nuggets
      Sam's choice dried fruits
      Produce: mostly higher quality than local supermarket, much cheaper. Best are the produce items used in mexican cooking: cheap, extremely fresh cilantro, scallions, chilies, tomatillos, and the seasonal produce.
      Since there is a sizeable hispanic polulation where I live, the local Walmart has a great selection of ingredients aimed at that market, such as tortillas, dried chiles and other condiments, rice, dried beans, etc. that I either can't find at the supermarket, or costs a lot more in much smaller quantities.
      Pretty much all the national brand packaged, canned and jarred goods are cheaper at Walmart than at the supermarket. Cereals, condiments, soups, spices, baking supplies, and so forth.
      Meat - all fresh meats have added water/sodium/broth solutions (they say their customers prefer that!)
      Sam's choice cheeses
      Sam's choice heavy duty plastic wrap and aluminum foils- stick with national brands!
      Ice cream - even national brands like Breyers seem to be tweaked with ingredients that are not found in the brand sold at other stores

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      1. re: janniecooks

        I agree with you on the produce. When I was in New England this summer, we went Walmart for some things on the way to the supermarket to buy fruits & veggies. The stuff at Walmart was so cheap and lookd great, so we skipped the regular supermarket.
        We bought:
        -bell peppers
        -grape tomatoes

        Their name brand groceries were really cheap too.. Splenda for Baking was considerably cheaper than Market Basket.. and so were the canned chickpeas

      2. I like the Walmart brand trail mixes. I was impressed...plenty of large chunks of papaya and macadamia nuts in the tropical mix.

        1. Yays:
          Great Value Crinkle Cut French Fries (frozen) - Unlike the big national brands, these actually taste like ...potatoes!

          Huge (half-gallon?) glass jar of Vlasic pickles for $2.97. The empty jar is worth that much!

          1. I buy their certified fair trade coffee on a regular basis. It's about $5 for 12oz.

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