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Oct 9, 2008 01:51 PM

Anyone know where I can find Yoo-Hoo in GTA?

As the title states. I haven't seen the chocolaty drink in the GTA since the late 90's at the U of T campus store! I'm itching to have one!

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  1. We've never seen it on sale anywhere in Canada... our recommendation would be to take a trip down to Buffalo and get a box of it at Sam's Club (either Niagara Falls or Cheektowaga). Sometimes they have the bottles but more often they have just the Tetra-Paks.

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      Thanks for replying. My last resort is to travel to Buffalo. I was hoping SOMEONE here knows of a small store that may carry it. Maybe a local convenience store, or a gas station. I'll buy them out!

      1. re: ultimate4g63

        Order it from Amazon, but I'm sure the shipping would be prohibitive:

        1. re: TexSquared

          Haha thanks. I saw that already. I know I'm being picky, but I prefer to have them bottled (plastic or glass) :)

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            Then you probably have to drive to the U.S. -- we have bought the box of 35 glass bottles (the fat half liter ones!) from Sam's Club before (and it doesn't last long once it gets home!) but they don't always have it in stock. The tetra-paks are always there but not the bottles.

    2. I'm an American Expat living in Ontario and I grew up with Yoo Hoo. I've never seen it here, so I pick mine up in MI( I'm closer to MI than NY)

      1. i know it's an old topic but just wondering if anyone has had any luck finding it locally?

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          I ended up taking a road trip to Walmart in Buffalo :(

          Came home with a 24 of Yoo Hoo!