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Oct 9, 2008 01:10 PM

Las Vegas Recs needed

My wife and I are travelling to Las Vegas in early November, staying at Caesar's Palace for a Friday through Monday. We have not been to Vegas in a couple of years. On past visits we have been to Olives, Spago, Mesa Grill, Postrio, Trattoria Lupo, Eiffel Tower restaurant in Paris, Des Artistes in Paris, etc. Among the aforementioned, only our experiences at Postrio and Spago stand out as really great. I would like some recommendations for new places to try for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Price is no object, but I want the best food, not necessarily the most expensive. Having said all that, we would prefer to stay on the Strip, as we have lots of other activities planned. Thanks.

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  1. OK, for price is no object but must be the best food...
    Breakfast: Bouchon; Tableau (if it's still open); Payard Patisserie.
    Dinner: Joel Robuchon; Alex; Bar Charlie at Restaurant Charlie (the 14 course kaiseki style meal).

    I left out Guy Savoy, simply because it's somewhat similar to Robuchon, while Alex is a little different.

    For all the gory details on these places plus others, see my reviews at .

    1. My exhaustive review of 11 places on my trip last month.