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Oct 9, 2008 12:46 PM

Ft. Myers Beach - South Beach Grill or Parrot Key Caribbean Grill?

Anyone been to either of these? Or have other dinner recommendations?

South Beach Grill is in Villa Santini plaza - supposed to be a good steak house. I hear they are offering 2 for 1 dinners right now.

Parrot Key is in (or near) Salty Sam's Marina just over the big bridge on the East.

Looking for a place for my dad to take me for dinner and I'm from Naples...don't get to the beach very often but don't want burgers and fried crap.


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  1. Never been to South Beach Grill, but been to Parrot Key several times. Always had a good meal, not fancy but good.

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    1. re: John Wade

      THANKS - We wnet to the fish house behind Fishtale Marina. Great shrimp, small oysters, and unbelivably good fish tacos. OH, $9.99 grouper fish fry - crispy and not at all greasy. I had heard a lot of good things about South Beach but when we went in, there were 12+/- people at the bar (love to see 50 y.o. people making out like teenagers) and only about 4 tables eating dinner at 7pm friday night. So we just had a drink and moved on.

    2. Just spent last weekend in Fort Myers Beach, what a great time. We had dinner at Old Hickory Resaturant, it was superb. Our waitress was a bit too bossy and loud but the food was excellent. I had grouper stuffed with shrimp and crab and sauce cheron, wish I could have it again now! I would never have given it a thought, the outside gives new meaning to "rustic" located on a canal in a marina. Also, the super casual Beached Whale upstairs dining area at sunset was a memorable expierience and the food was excellent too!

      1. I had lunch at Parrot Key. Sitting next to the beach and seeing the waves come in is very nice. However the wind was blowing so hard we could not keep anything on the table, except to weigh it down. I ordered the Grouper sandwitch. When I bit into it the fish it was still raw. I sent it back and after my husband had finished his sandwitch, my sandwitch was
        brought back out. By that time I was so angry, I refused it and we left. They did deduct it from the bill. I would never go back.

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        1. re: Mollybud

          Parrot Key is not on the beach. You can't see the gulf from there. It is on an island on the bay side of Fort Myers Beach. Judging by your description you probably ate at a restaurant on the Pier. Pierside Grill. Your negative review is not about Parrot Key.

          You were either here:

 or at anyone of a number of other mediocre restaurants that line the gulf further down from the main area.

            1. re: Mollybud

              There is no way you could have had the experience you describe at Parrot Key. The marina where the Parrot Key is located is on the bay side, you can't see the gulf, there are no waves, there is a wind block, so you wouldn't have wind. The only place you can sit outside and have the experience you described was Pierside. You can't fault them for the wind. The undercooked fish, yes. You should have requested both items be removed and replaced.

        2. I have heard that Parrot Key is pretty good. We are going to Ft Meyers beach in 2 weeks and was wonderign where is it. We are staying at the Neptune Inn, right on the beach is it somewhere we could walk to? Also, is it some place where we could take our exceptionally well behaved gourmet 2 1/2 year old?

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          1. re: SarahChef

            I think it would be difficult with a small one to walk. The restaurant is pretty kid friendly. There are always lots of kids, this area is a family place. You would have to walk over a long high bridge and down Main Street about 1/2 mile to get there. I don't know where Neptune Inn is but you should be able to do a google map direction and get a more accurate explanation.

            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              Thanks, I will mapquest it, and see how far it is! I will also see if they have a website! Is there anything in particular that you enjoy ordering. On a seperate note, are there any good BBQ places? My husband says he is craving BBQ so I said I would look and see.