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Boes - now Gervasi's?

I was just on Central Avenue in White Plains and passed by the old Boe space and there are new awnings that say Gervasi's and a sign in the window with a phone number that says Gervasi's. Does anyone have the scoop on this? Is this the old chef from Mulinos?

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  1. that's great. i hope he does well. we can use a really good italian in white plains.

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      Where was Boe's? Where is Gervasi?

      kaaasss, posters have said Buon Amici is a really good Italian.

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        Buon Amici is a good restaurant. Reasonably priced, nice size portions and good food.

        Boes was in the space that used to be Gregorys. A couple of blocks from Buon Amici on the same side of the street.

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          Yes, thanks -- I remember Gregory's.

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            Let's see if he can make a go of that spot. Boe opened to much fanfare but did not last very long. Less then a year.

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            kaaasss, you are correct. Buon Amici is very good, on the line of a Mamma Francesca without the outstanding bread or the complementary salad.

            Service was perfect, the wine pour was excellent, and the food was good. We had a calamari appetizer (with tentacles!), a seafood macaroni dish, salmon, and veal francese. No dessert. A really nice touch was putting the bottle of Sambuca on the table.

            Price was appox. $37. a person.

            I would go back.

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              glad you enjoyed your dinner dolores.... what i like about it also is they don't rush you through dinner. you can linger and enjoy your wine or coffee.

              1. re: kaaaassss

                Absolutely, that's a BIG plus for me, kaaassss.

                Also nice to see, just about all the tables were filled on a Sunday night.

      2. Gervasi's is located at 324 Central Ave

        1. I heard this place closed already - open and closed in two weeks. Anyone know otherwise?

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            you heard that Gervasi's closed already....Wow

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              Speaking of closed, what happened to Roaring Rooster in New Rochelle?

              So, I finally found where Avellino is, hopefully they'll stay around for a bit.

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                roaring rooster is still open, under a different name (sorry don't remember what it is). now located in a mini mall (there's ups store and a quiznos) 211 main st.

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                  Ah, that's the chicken place near Spadaro.

                  Thanks, 2bonn.

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                    Chicken place near Spadaro is called Chickens Gone Wild.

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                      Thanks, laylag. I'm surprised they changed both their location and their name.

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                    Wow. I didn't even get to try and weigh in on them -- Avellino is closed.

              2. Someone is spreading some bad info about this newly opened spot. It is not closed. It is open 7 days a week as of a phone call I made to inquire a few minutes ago...Please, let's get the facts straight thru some simple research before posting heresay...

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                  I'm not spreading bad info. I asked a question.

                2. What happened to IBIZA? I thought that was going to open with Mark Fillipo? It even had the new name up?

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                    Has anyone tried this restaurant yet?

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                      guess Ibiza was the place I'd heard about replacing Boe and opening and closing within weeks. Obviously not bad info then, just a few weeks outdated by the news of Gervasi's. Thanks kaaaassss.

                  2. I had dinner last night at Gervasis' with some friends and I thought it was just ok. My friend had a steak special with a cheesy truffle sauce that was very good, but my duck special was pretty awful - overcooked, and covered in a sticky sweet raspberry sauce full of seeds. The roast potato cubes were good, but ubiquitous - seems like they put them on all the plates. Maybe the pasta is better? Not sure I'd make an effort to get back there quickly. The bar/lounge seemed pretty happening though, maybe that's a better scene. I didn't make it to the basement to see if they'd painted over the horrible murals from Boe though, dying to know if they're still there or not.