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Oct 9, 2008 12:10 PM

Falling Water - where to have lunch?

I'm going to visit Falling Water next weekend with my husband and a friend. We'll be stopping there on our way back to DC from Pittsburgh and we're looking for a good place in the vicinity of Mill Run to have lunch. One in our group is a vegetarian, but we're really open to anything. Sandwiches, a sit down place, whatever... just no chains. Seems like that area would have some great family run restaurants? Any suggestions you have are appreciated!

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  1. I'd try to lunch at Nemacolin if you can. There are a couple of other places I can recall from other threads on the same subject, but I think you might have to backtrack a bit for those. You might want to search here for fallingwater or kentuck knob as this question has been asked a couple of times before.

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      I'd suggest Chez Gerard in Hopwood-though the vegetarian options may be a bit limited.
      Everything there was delicious when we were there last spring-
      A directional note-it's in Hopwood proper (Old or Business 40) at Sherrytown (st? rd?).
      As to Nemacolin-we weren't that thrilled with it (we stayed there) to be honest, but the lunch options are pretty limited - it is more convenient to Fallingwater, though.
      Are you going to Fallingwater first? I would add that it's really hilly around there, and it will take you longer to drive than you might think, depending on your car and nerves.
      We also had a not bad cake and tea at Fallingwater itself-the space is pretty nice, if pretty basic.

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        If you decide on Nemacolin, we had lunch in the tavern in the far back left section. Decent sandwiches plus the world's largest cylindrical indoor saltwater fish tank. For lunch, we prefer it to the upscale places at Nemacolin. Glisan's was our favorite in the area for breakfast with its homemade bread for toast. There are some mediocre places around, too, such as Braddock's Tavern. Did not enjoy my sandwich there at all.

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          We just visited from Seattle and had posted the very same question a month or two ago. Based on recommendations here, we went to Nemacolin, which was an interesting property to see anyway. As someone mentions below, we also went to the Tavern and had good sandwiches and one sloppy but very tasty burger. Definitely not a spot that has a lot of "local charm" that you might think of for countryside dining but it worked well for us. FYI, if lunch falls AFTER your visit to Fallingwater, the ticket/info booth has a large ring-binder with info on many restaurants in the area, lots of them looked like small diners and local joints. But we needed to lunch on our way there.

        2. There are a number of restaurants and diners on Rt. 40 between Farmington and the Youghiogheny Lake. They were all busy today, because the leaves are turning and folks are out for a Sunday drive. So I can't say which one is "best." But Glisan's Restaurant,
          624 National Pike, has good diner food and GREAT pie. We stopped on our way through to pick up a couple of pies.

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            An enthusiastic second for Glisan's - the best pies we have had in Pennsylvania, and the rest of the diner food was just fine.

            The selection of pies is extraordinary.

            IThere is another place a little farther along, on 40 Casselman Inn, We didnt eat, but went in to explore - its an old-timey place serving mennonite style cooking in an old hotel dining room., modest prices. the patrons look mostly well on in years - bread and pies are for sale in the downstairs bakeshop. We bought some baked goods - they werent up to the level of Glisans.

            really like the drive along 40 - its very interesting and historic.

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              They sell whole pies and also will sell you a whole pie made of halves of two different pies. I don't know if this is a big deal, but they have buckwheat pancakes. And a dining room in the back.

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                you are talking about Casselman Inn or glisan's? - if you are buying pies I think Glisans are better.

          2. You might want to check out River's Edge Cafe about 15 miles away in Confluence.

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              You could also do far worse than the cafe at Fallingwater. My wife and I just got back from there today and after a 10 AM tour we were hungry and stopped in. The ginger chicken rice soup was wonderful. We also shared a turkey sandwich w/ pancetta on some grainy bread that was also quite tasty. Of course it was a bit pricey, but it was an easy way to support a rather incredible place.