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Oct 9, 2008 12:06 PM

sweet melissas cafe (any thoughts)

hi, what do you think about it? great, good or poor? thanks

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  1. Florida is a big state. Where the heck is this?

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    1. I have no thoughts to offer, though I believe the general consensus is that nothing on Sanibel is really outstanding... When I went, I found that most of it was overpriced and underflavored. ??? I still don't know where to go for a good meal when I visit that area...

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        The Green Flash on Sanibel is a nice place, with good food.

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          Sanibel Island is over an hour from my Naples home, so when I/we go there I expect very good food, based on my friends recent positive experiences. While many places on Sanibel cater to kids with simple fare, like the Bubble Room, I happily bypass them. I've been very happy with both Sweet Melissa's, an intimate cafe setting, and with Thistle Lodge, a higher end restaurant in an Old Florida style setting perched overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Thistle's like dining in someon'es large home, then working off dessert by walking barefoot on the beach, before getting bck in the car! Casual or upscale, the food at Melissa's or Thistle is on a par with that of other creative chefs in the USA. Check the menus for pricing.

          I am serious about enjoying good food, and did a write up with photos on Sweet Melissa's:


          Think of a "mini-Michy's in Miami to have an idea of Melissa's offerings, and it's a lot quieter!

          I've "reviewed", on the blog, about 50 spots in the Naples-Fort Myers area-from dives to top end. If a place is lousy, I don't waste time writing about them.

          The Sunset Grill on Sanibel has been redecorated, and has a chef with creative, tasty dishes-I've not been there yet.

      2. Just so you know, there's also a Sweet Melissa's in DeLand in Volusia County. The seafood is awesome here and they have a great beer selection. Friendly too. If you're a first-timer, expect one of the regulars to welcome you and give you the "newbie tour". We live close by but were recommended by some foodies who live in Clermont. Go figure.