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Oct 9, 2008 11:34 AM

OC - Any Suggestions for a Birthday Dinner

The wife wants to take me out to dinner for my birthday next week, and for some reason I can't decide where to go. I'd like to try someplace I haven't been to, so Marche Moderne, OVC, and Bluefin are out. Price really isn't a concern as long as it's worth it. I like and eat everything, so I'm game for any cuisine. Doing dinner with the family the following night, so probably shouldn't do a steakhouse. So far I've come up with Napa Rose and Stonehill Tavern (although I'm not sure I want to drive to/from Dana Point from/to Huntington after work on a weeknight). Thought about Charlie Palmers, but with the disparity in reviews I've seen this week in the papers (Times gave it 1/2 a star, and Register gave it 5 stars), not feeling too good about it. Where should I go?

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  1. I had Mr OCAnn take me to Stonehill Tavern for my bday. We made reservations for a later dinner (for us) @ 8:00 and traffic wasn't a problem We went w/their tasting menu w/wine flights. I was stuffed, but the meal was very good...and the bill came to just under $450 for 2 (after tax & tip). Service & atmosphere were really nice.

    But I really like Napa Rose too. The atmosphere @ NR is a bit more relaxed/casual than ST; it's closer too. I think they're both equally nice...but I might give an edge to NR due to proximity (for me) and possibly even food.

    That said, both are great choices. I'd put them easily in the top 3 of OC.

    1. Old Vine Cafe in Costa Mesa. Both tasting menus are fantastic. The wine paired with each meal will definitely wow you.

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        I 2nd OVC and see that they are offering a beer pairing option for their seasonal tasting menu in the month of October. Bonus!

      2. I'd go with Napa Rose, it's never let us down as a special-occasion place.

        1. How about Wildfish or Bungalow in Newport Beach, Sapphire, Five Feet or Tabu Grill in Laguna. I am thinking of places I would want to go if it were my birthday. OVC is good, but I wouldn't want to go there for a special occasion dinner.

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            avoid five feet. this place hasn't been good for years.

          2. My two favorite bday dinner places in OC are Marche Moderne (which I see is disqualified) and Pascal.