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Oct 9, 2008 11:20 AM

Dinner near airport or between Golden Gate bridge area and hotel

My husband and I are coming to SF this weekend. We will be staying our first night at the Residence Inn Airport/Oyster Point. I understand there aren't really many restaurants in the immediate hotel area, and we were looking for somewhere relatively close to our hotel or between the Golden Gate area and the hotel. This hotel is approximately 3 miles from the airport off Hwy 101. Our plans are to spend most of the day Friday at Golden Gate park; CAS; etc. We have no definitive plans for dinner. We will be eating at the Slanted Door on Saturday for lunch; so probably not interested in more Asian food. We aren't looking for anything too fancy; more of an attire issue than a price issue! (I hate to pay to check a bag for a 3-night trip!!) We don't drink alcohol, so the bar/wine list isn't an issue. Any suggestions for a really good casual dinner would be greatly appreciated! I have seen Pancho Villa's noted on this board a couple of times; and it seems to be a logical stop from Golden Gate to the hotel...any thoughts on this for a choice?

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  1. Aziza, close to the Park and excellent.Recent post.

    5800 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94121

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      The menu looks amazing; but it looks a little more like fine dining. What's the "dress code"? We were thinking about getting something kind of quick, as we will have been up since around 1 AM PDT !

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        Open Table shows reservation for tomorrow at 5:45. Unique dining experience. Lovely selections on tasting menu. Went for anniversary so I dressed up, fresh chinos and short sleeve shirt, not knit.

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          A year at least since I went, but knit short sleever shirt for husband fine. My jeans( not denim) fine also.

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        I agree Aziza is terrific and you can definitely eat there with jeans... maybe just wear a nicer shirt. Even though the place is beautiful, it's really a neighborhood restaurant and they are incredibly nice. The food here is amazing and I definitely recommend. But like others there are quite a few good dining choices in the Richmond:Tong Kiang for great Chinese (dim sum or regular stuff), Pacific Catch is very casual seafood place (Japanese-Hawaiian influence) and I'll throw in Burma Superstar but all are Asian, which you said you might not want if you're also going to Slanted Door (wonderful choice!). There is Clementine (French) on Clement Street. Park Chow (American) on 9th. Pretty hard because GG park is surrounded by Asian food.

      3. It's north of the Park--near Aziza, in fact--and a real kick: Pacific Cafe ... neighborhood fish place, specializing in quick grills and nothing fussy. I believe they start seating at 6 or 6:30

        1. I've asked this question a few times. Here are some of the recommendations not yet mentioned here....some of them I've tried, some I have not:

          Park Chow - just south of the park on 9th....casual comfort food
          Ton Kaing - Across from Azziza on Geary.......Dim Sum

          closer to the airport
          Koi Palace - Daily City/Serramonte.....Dim Sum
          Sodini's Bertolucci's ......just north of the airport....Family style Italian

          Koi Palace Restaurant
          365 Gellert Blvd, Daly City, CA 94015

          Park Chow
          1238 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

          Madame Chocolat
          212 N Canon Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

          Sodini's Bertoluccis Ristorante
          421 Cypress Avenue, South San Francisco, CA 94080

          1. another thought--closer to where you're staying--is to look along Grand Avenue in South San Francisco. Believe there are several old-school Italian restaurants (Berolucci's, metnioned by MSK, is one of them), also Mexican and Asian places along there, maybe a 10 minute drive from where you're staying. not maybe grand chow-hounding destinations--but convenient and comforting after being up and at it for a zillion hours, as you're describing.
            BTW, welcome to the Bay Area; have a wonderful time.

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              Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! We are looking forward to our visit; and I'll post when we get home about where we ate.

              1. re: joannaalabama

                really curious to see you post after (or during) your visit, and tell us where/what you wound up eating.

            2. Between the GG bridge and Oyster point is, realistically, almost every restaurant in the city. You can eat along 19th Ave, Geary St, everywhere downtown, because there's no direct freeway access and a couple of big hills. Seriously. The absolute fastest way across town (presidio->lincoln->oak/fell->the little rat's nest downtown with the timed lights->101 takes you within two blocks of Zuni and Cav, for example. Or it's pretty direct to drive along Bay St and down the Embarcadaro. Or cut through north beach.

              San Francisco doesn't do dress code, and is very welcoming to tourists. Your one all-purpose garb is any kind of sportcoat or jacket. The only tip is don't wear shorts, no one wears shorts, because it's just too cold. Long pants and a decent jacket and you can eat anywhere. If you're a "no, really, I only own sandals and tee shirts" you might feel uncomfortable in a few hundred places out of the 4000 or so in san francisco. Everywhere else they'll think you're from San Jose (where it's warm) or Berkeley (where it's hippie), depending on how counterculture you look, and it's all good.

              Eat somewhere because you like the food and vibe! It's a great eating town. No, really, what do you *like* to eat?

              Pancho Villa's is an interesting scene, and everyone should eat in the Mission, but most people list Cancun as the one-burrito-to-have-if-you're-only-having-one.

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                all valid: great post (except, like every decent San Franciscan, I have a favorite burrito place and it's not Pancho Villa's--but so what?)