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Oct 9, 2008 11:09 AM

Best place to go for a serious conversation?

If you were going to have to have a very serious conversation with someone, that has equal potential to end badly as much as it does being mended, uh, where would you go? (This is not a romantic thing, just a serious thing.) Booze is must, but good food would really help too. Ideas? I am stumped. And nervous.

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  1. In Boston, or Cambridge or...?

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    1. Maybe someplace in Cambridge that has lots of political/social discussions going on at various tables, like Christopher's, Elephant Walk, Harvest, etc.? If you think it might end in a shouting match, though, maybe a Panera might be best...(?)

      Good luck...hopefully things go well.

      1. A few higher-end Chowish places on my side of the river, with a subdued atmosphere and tables spaced reasonably far apart:

        * Gargoyles (not the bar, just the dining room)
        * Soiree Room at Upstairs on the Square (unfortunately I don't like the food as much as downstairs, but it's much quieter)
        * West Side Lounge (gets noisy later, but the booths are insulated and comfy)
        * Green Street Grill (bar gets noisy, but the tables at dinner aren't too horrible, and the cocktails are terrific)

        1. I would opt for a place that I could easily take out of my rotation if things go poorly -- ie: wouldn't want to ruin my feelings about a favorite joint because of the breakup/intervention/confession/whatever. So, for me I'd go with a place like West Side Lounge, but not Highland Kitchen. Makes sense? Good luck.

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            smart advice yumyum! I agree. Maybe pick a place you have never been

          2. Many of the Ruth's Chris places I've been to have those semi-enclosed booths that are conducive to very private conversations. Never been to the one in Boston but worth checking.

            If you wanted to scream and throw things and never be heard or noticed, history tells me that Chuck E. Cheese, Bugaboo Creek or Rainforest Cafe are excellent choices.