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Oct 9, 2008 11:05 AM

Food for 9m. baby, no teeth, wants to feed himself

Right, well, that's it. I have a baby who doesn't want to be spoonfed (although he'll permit it at breakfast) and I'm looking for interesting things to feed him. Things that can be frozen or kept for a couple of days are the best, because he still doesn't eat much.

We're going through a lot of tofu (I doubt he's up to meat or fish), sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, and soft pieces of fruit. I was wondering about alternatives to the teething biscuit stuff, with more nutrition? He can't have eggs or berries or milk yet (although cheese is fine).

Surely there are interesting and different things I haven't tried!

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  1. Avocado, bananas, boiled carrots, cottage cheese, cream of wheat, Ritz (tm) crackers?

    1. last year when our daughter was that age she loved bananas, avocado, mashed potatoes & gravy, mac & cheese, crab meat, any type of noodle, any rice dish, chicken noodle soup, bean with bacon soup, chicken or pork cut into tiny pieces.

      1. If they are still nursing/or on formula, food at this age has more entertainment and process value than for pure nutrition. The eye to hand skills, getting the mouth and digestive muscles to move soft/solid foods and increasing the general attention span while they sit for a longer time are the major goals.

        Choose items that they can pick up, squish and even experiment with while they develop first the fist and then their tiny fingers. And then there's the whole gravity lesson.

        Even the fact that there are no teeth shouldn't stop you. In enough time, they can chew almost anything to a paste. The friction on the gums will even help the teeth arrive. Just as long as there are no hard chunks (like raw carrots) that they can choke on. We are from a family of very slow teethers and my middle son didn't get his first tooth until he was 2! At that point he was eating bagels, pizza, basically anything his brother could eat.

        Lastly, I'm sure you know the trick of freezing the vegi's pureed chic, etc. that you prepare ahead of time in ice cube trays. Each cube is perfect for about 1 serving.

        Peas, cooked pasta, hard boiled egg whites, steamed butternut squash, pumpkin and the age old favorite................... CHEERIOS!!!

        1. Agree with MSK -- at this point it is more about learning to eat than about nutrition. Not that you want to feed them junk.

          Basically, he can eat anything that you are eating. As long as it is in small pieces and it is soft. Pasta, meatballs, chicken, broccoli, peas, pancakes, etc.

          My daughter went from eating baby food to completely eating regular food over a single weekend. We went to visit my sister, who started feeding her all regular foods, and my daughter totally rejected baby food after that. She was 10 months old. And my son gave up baby food at 9 months because he was only interested in what the rest of us were eating.

          As long as the pieces are small, anything is really fair game.

          1. To an adult it would be icky, but babies don't seem to care . . .
            cubes of cold cereal, like polenta, oatmeal, cream of rice.
            I'd just make extra at breakfast, once cold, it is finger food.

            I'm sure the teeth will be coming soon! It sounds like his diet is pretty nutritious as it is.