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Oct 9, 2008 10:27 AM

Toronto wedding party in Bal Harbour, where to go near hotel beach strip?

A small group of Torontonians are coming to Bal Harbour for a wedding, the first weekend in December. We're all staying for around 5 nights at the beach, either at the Best Western or the Sea View hotel.

We would love any suggestions for reasonably-priced restaurants and cool bars (we plan to do a lot of drinkin'!) Many of us are vegetarians (but not all), so a couple of veggie options would be great!

Walking distance, or a short cab ride would be ideal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Looking forward to the sun!

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  1. TIMO on Collins Avenue on Sunny Isles. It is about a 10 minute ride heading north. One of my favorites down there for dinner.

    1. Not sure if the veggies eat fish but here are some great options.
      Sushi Republic on Harding Avenue and 96th Street.
      Adriana's also on Harding between 94th and 95th Street (Peruvian with lots of great fish.)
      Miami Juice on Collins just south of 163rd Street is great for veggies - very casual juice bar with all kinds of salads, platters, smoothies, etc.