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Oct 9, 2008 10:11 AM

Dinner before Second City- Adobo Grill or Others

I'm visiting my boyfriend in Chicago and we're going to see Second City tonight. We generally dine at Adobo Grill before or after the shows there and were planning on doing so tonight, but I wanted to see if I could get some help with the following:

1) What do you suggest we try at Adobo Grill? I always order multiple appetizers/small plates and margaritas. I'm ready to hear other people's favorites.

2) Are there any other restaurants on Wells that you suggest we try out? We've only really noticed bars, but I'm wondering if we're missing anything.

Thanks; I look forward to your responses.

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  1. The Italian place Topo Gigio is not bad, and I've always enjoyed Fireplace Inn for ribs. Neither are as interesting or have as fun an ambience as Adobo Grill.

    1. There's Kamahachi a few blocks south on Wells St. It's very decent sushi, albeit not very creative and with little atmosphere.

      All things considered, I'd stick with Adobo. They've never disappointed me.

      1. We ended up at Adobo- I love their margaritas (hence the name!). We did pass Topo Gigio, but my boyfriend had just gone there, but Fireplace Inn sounds good for next time!

        Thanks! I just noticed how little variety the Adobo menu has after a couple of visits. I got the tostadas de pollo- but the chicken was rather chewy. I like their flavors, but I'm not a huge fan of actual incredients. My boyfriend got the enchiladas de pollo (with mole sauce)- the sauce was spicy, but not flavorful enough. Either way, we still enjoyed our meal and loved our margaritas.

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          I went to Adobo Grill this Saturday night (July 4) and was somewhat disappointed. The margaritas and guacamole (made to order) were excellent, but my grouper (served in a tomato sofrito and salsa toreada with rice and snap beans) was tasteless, dry, chewy, just overcooked. Even the beans, which should have been "snappy" were overcooked and bland. I tasted my friend's chicken enchilada, which was fine. I was in the mood for spicy flavorful food in the neighborhood, and this did not live up to the bill, unfortunately.