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Lunch suggestions in downtown?

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I've been living on the eastside my whole life and am now working in the city (in the Wells Fargo building on the corner of Madison and 3rd). I am looking for favorite luch spots because so far (besides an occasional long walk, and wait, at Salumi) I haven't really found too many places that have impressed me. I love all types of food so any suggestions will be appreciated.

I'm also looking to keep my travels w/in walking distance (9 blocks to Salumi is walking distance for me!)


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  1. Many posts on this very topic can be searched out. If Pike Place market or the ID are inside your radius, look at posts on those topic too.

    I just went to Red Bowl (3rd and Columbia) yesterday for some servicable but not superior bi bim bap and hae dup bap (go to Hae-Nam Kalbi and Kalamarie in Shoreline for the goods). There is baseline pizza by the slice at Papazzi in a food court at 5th and Cherry. You know Salumi. Tat's East Coast deli on Occidental is also very good, esp. the cheesesteaks, and I think their subs/heros can hold their own with the fare served in the northeast. I like the tlayuda at El Sabor de Oaxaca at 217 James.

    1. what places have you crossed off your list? there are many in that neighborhood

        1. Belle Epicurean on 4th between Seneca and University is really good.

          1. I worked in that building for about five years. Lot's of places in that area but not scads of good food. Cafe Zum Zum in the food court across the street is good comfort food. Heavy but yummy. Beba's Deli at the corner of, like, 3rd and Columbia has my favorite cheapo salad deal: small chicken Caesar for $3.99. They say it's the best Caesar dressing in town. I don't know about that but it's pretty darn good, not sweet. I hate that. Anyway, easy, quick and cheap. Hole in the Wall barbecue is between 2nd and 3rd on James and is pretty good. I second Zaina's.

            1. I work across the street from you - not a TON of great options but there are some good ones..
              Sound soups is just outside your building, on marion between 2nd and 3rd. Probably eat there about once a week at least, great soups.

              Cafe Zum Zum is cheap and filling - oh and mad oven BBQ in the same area isn't bad either, good pulled pork sammys.
              If you walk down cherry st towards pioneer square, you've got bakemans (cheap turkey sandwich), falafel place, Coco Banana (a good little smoothie shop and salad bar) and a pretty good italian resto.
              Also recently went to Purple and was impressed by the food - would be a good place for business lunch.

              (and of course, there is pike place - but that is a walk a bit)

              BTW - if you call first thing in the morning to Salumi with your order you can bypass the line at lunch. Cold sandwiches only.

              1. Matt's at the Market is a great choice.