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Oct 9, 2008 09:49 AM

Need Assistance, Please Help!!! Planning an event near the San Diego Convention Center

I'm planning a "meet and greet" near the San Diego Convention Center. We're heading to San Diego at the end of this month for a conference. We would like to have this event in a nice/casual/ fun place. We would also like to have our meet and greet on a Tuesday night from 6-8pm. Outdoor seating would be a nice option too. I think most folks will be having cocktails but I'm sure there will be some who will want dinner/apps. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! As we're from MI and we've never been to SD, it is difficult to organize this event, especially with so many choices.

The purpose of the meet and greet is to get conference attendees rounded up afterwards to discuss the conference, collaborate on ideas, and socialize.

Some of the restaurants I've been looking into are:

Edgewater Grill

I think a restaurant overlooking the water would be great but I am definitely open to all suggestions. Thanks for your time : )

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  1. How many attendee's are we talking about?

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        I like the rooftop bar (JSix) at the Hotel Solamar which is less than 3 blocks from the convention center and so very Californian for a group from MI and would be a nice fit for 40-45 people..
        Cocktails and small plate menu..
        Hotel Ivy or the Hard Rock Hotel might be another venue if this is already booked.

    1. you may also want to consider a special event venue and hire a caterer instead. how many guests? star of the sea has a new event space that is literally right on the water.

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        We're organizing the event but we're not paying for food/drinks.

        We can pay a fee for securing a private room/area and may pay for appetizers but the attendees will pay for their food and drinks. We really would like to have this event where the food and drinks are good. I'll check out Star of the Sea. Do you know anything about Sally's? Thanks!!!

      2. I dunno if it'd be too Casual, but what about the Tin Fish? Just walk across the street & Trolley tracks from the Convention Center; they do cocktails & finger foods (Fish Tacos), & they have a good sized outdoor patio area, but I don't know how easy crowd control would be, or if they even do events

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          1. You might want to look at Athens Market. It sounds like you are on a budget and I am sure that the owner Mary Pappas could work with your budget.

            I have been to Sally's many times for drinks, you can not beat the location and the view, but the food is never good and over priced.