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Oct 9, 2008 09:49 AM

Kazo Kitchen in Linthicum

The City Paper just did a review on this place:

I have been here a couple times and always get the whole rotisserie chicken. I find it perfectly spiced and prepared. Be sure to try out all the sauces. I really like the makhani sauce. I am excited to have a place that serves British Indian food in Baltimore.

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  1. I just found out about this place while doing a search for Indian restaurants in the area. I found them on the below web site:

    I'm planning to try it out soon.

    1. Looks interesting, I am going to have to check it out!

        1. re: jfish

          I work in the business complex behind the Chevron station where this is located. There is also a Subway inside so the first time I visited was when my 15 yr old son came to work with me and he picked Subway for lunch. We ended up getting Kazo. It's very good (we both prefer the spicy sauce) and the baked veggie muffin thing was great. There are tables outside with umbrellas if you want to stay there and eat in good weather. I must say it's in a weird location but I've raved to some of my coworkers and they have started having it for lunch as well. For me, the serving size is enough for 2 lunches.

        2. I had lunch from Kazo yesterday. I had the tandisserie chicken with korma sauce on rice with a side of curry vegatables. The owner comped me a pakora just because he was eager for me to taste it. The chicken was very tender with good taste but I would have prefered it spicier. I think I'll try a spicier sauce next time. The pakora was good but baked, more of a chickpea muffin then what I expected. The owner or manager was very nice and eager to please. My only complaint was the food wasn't hot (temperature hot) enough. Maybe the 15 minute ride back to the office didn't help. Next time, weather permitting I'll eat at one of the outdoor tables.

          1. And they're back, but this time in DC. Although they didn't have much success in Linthicum, according to the Washington Post, their new restaurant Merzi seems pretty popular.


            415 7th St NW, Washington, DC, DC 20004