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Oct 9, 2008 09:35 AM

Best Shabu-shabu in Seattle?

My sis wants a Japanese Shabu-shabu meal for her birthday. (I had to look up exactly what this is!) Web research and opinions (aside from this board) have not yielded much consistent and reliable info.

Anyone out there have a recommendation?

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  1. Apparently, there was a shabu-shabu specialist in the ID called Aki that is now defunct. The only place I know of still serving this is Bush Garden, the kitschy 1950's era place.

    Never had Shabu-shabu there or anywhere so I can't speak on the quality.

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      I've had shabu-shabu, nabemono, and sukiyaki at Bush Garden, but not in years. It was actually pretty good a couple of years ago but I don't go there anymore due to bad sushi.

    2. Is getting a chinese/sichuan hot pot all that different?
      As long as you get the not hot broth, it seems like essentially the same thing...

      I say this as a Japanese guy who likes both.
      I mean the broth is a little different (I'd say the Japanese is a little more subtle), but the stuff you're putting in is pretty similar...

      1. I'm sure I've seen it served in some Korean places in Edmonds and Lynnwood, though that may be farther than you'd like to venture.

        1. This may be more than you were asking for, but years ago I had FUGU in Seattle. It was served as a multi-course meal, with shabu shabu as the centerpiece. Looks like the place (Shiki, 4 W Roy St) is still around and still serving fugu. The chef, Ken Yamamoto is the only licensed fugu master in the state. It was around $90 if I recall correctly. As luck would have it, right now is the season for fugu!

          Seattle Times article: