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Oct 9, 2008 09:31 AM

Business dinners in NYC

My architecture firm is sending a group of people to New York for roughly a week later this month, and we're looking for places for dinner. Help!

We want a selection of restaurants that can seat 4 to 10 people and take reservations. The food needs to be good, but these aren't people who are going to want super adventurous (aka WD 50) type food. They've been to all of Mario Batali's places, and like that kind of food. They want something less stuffy than Per Se.

Design of the restaurants is very important, as well as in-control sound. Price is not an issue.
Anything that is new on the scene is GREAT.

I wish I was going with this group... will have to make do with their stories.... Thanks for any help!

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  1. Architecturally beautiful restaurants and GREAT for buisiness dining...

    #1: Lever House


    11 MadisonPark


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    1. re: kcijones001

      Second Eleven Madison Park and would also suggest The Modern.


    2. Convivio
      Perry St.

      1. architects should see the battery from river cafe. brooklyn bridge in, water taxi out. after-dinner drinks at the ritz carlton (rise bar).

        architects should appreciate history. keens is nothing if not historic. best porterhouse in manhattan. best collection of single malt scotch in nyc.

        per se is not stuffy. not even close. ask for a table that directly overlooks columbus circle and the park. wait staff is there to help. they are your friends. you can thank me later.

        four seasons. 'nuff said. get the duck.

        be sure to have drinks at the king cole bar in the st. regis hotel. the maxfield parrish mural is stunning.

        that should get the ball rolling.

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        1. re: steve h.

          Hey everyone,
          Thank you for your comments. Any thoughts on the following:
          Aroma (Bowery)
          Telepan (Upper West Side)
          Scarpetta (Meatpacking)
          The Orchard (Lower East Side)

          1. re: hungrylady

            Yes to Scarpetta. I haven't been to the others.

            1. re: hungrylady

              scarpetta is very good. good bar, wonderful house-made chips. you won't have a problem getting a table. telepan? it's where you go before a concert at lincoln center. food is serviceable. best if you're a local sitting at the bar.

              re: the rest. what happened to the architecture stuff?