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Oct 9, 2008 09:30 AM

After Hours w/Daniel cancelled (Mojo 86d)

My husband is a big Three Sheets fan on the Mojo network, and he received an email from Zane Lamprey's site stating Mojo is done....

"I've had many people sending me messages asking about the rumor that MOJO HD is closing its doors. Yes, the rumor is true. It's going dark on December 1st."

With Mojo gone, After Hours, Pressure Cook, etc all gone too. It's a shame, I enjoyed their programming.

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  1. Too bad. I lost it when I went to Verizon Fios from Brighthouse. Was hoping Verizon would pick it up. Hulu doesn't have anythng past season 3.

      1. I was at the Gourmet Institute in NYC this weekend and was lucky to be in Daniel Boulud's session, Lobster 4-Ways (yum on all 4 counts). I asked him about the show and he said that he was getting ready to do a San Francisco season, but then had to go to Beijing to open his new restaurant. When he came back he found out that MOJO was done, but that he was now looking for a new channel. Hopefully he'll find one, because it's a great show!

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          It is a great show. I didn't know it was still in production. I'm able to see it on Netflix dvd's.

        2. I hope PBS picks it up...After Hours. That would be great. I couldn't get MOJO as we have dish.