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Oct 9, 2008 09:09 AM

Restaurants/Bistro near St. Paul Metro-Paris

We are leaving in a week for Provence and Paris. I know that there have been posts on the Marais previously but I would appreciate latest favorites within walking distance of St. Paul Metro (we are renting nearby). I am looking for 35 euro p/p and under. I appreciate any advice/opinions.

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  1. L'Auberge de Jarente, on that street. Prix-fixe menus start at 12E; several dozen more meet your walking criteria.

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      We just had lunch at Les Côtelettes on Impasse Guéménée; it is the quintessential Parisian bistro with stone walls, tomette floors, bent wood chairs and very good food for low prices; there is a formule at lunch for €15. It is an easy walk from the St.Paul metro

    2. my favorites in that area are still Cafe des musees (corner of rue de turenne and rue st gilles) and breizh cafe (rue vieille du temple). Cafe des musees has a prix fixe lunch for 12 or 13 euro pp and dinner at around 20, breizh is also in your price range.

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        I have put those suggested on my list and if you were going to select somewhere a little more that 35E pp, for a special dinner, where would you go in the Marais?

      2. Les Philosophes on Rue Vieille du Temple is fun and relatively inexpensive. The tomato tart appetizer is outstanding.

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          Cafe de Trésor, on the corner of rue Vielle du Temple and rue Tresor. Small but lovely bistro menu. Small dead end street has been repaved and at the same time they redid their outdoor seating area. Sit outside if the weather cooperates.